Friday, August 26, 2011

Opening the Tiffin

Attempt number 256 at a new project. Blogging. Despite spending an entire day simply centering the header on this page, I think this may be a success! Despite the fact that I'm not technologically savvy, I have not gone to cooking school and I do not profess myself to be a writer, I still think this may be a success!  Why all the positive hoopla?   Ever since becoming a stay at home mom I've found that I love to cook. I'm constantly scouring the web to find new recipes, and then I tend to curtail them to the likes/dislikes of my family. I've also found that other mothers are constantly talking about their need to find new recipes. So I figured, why not share my new love for cooking through a new project? (Trust me, it would be much better than sharing my love for all things Bravo. Which I must say is starting to diminish with the direction the Housewives series is heading, but I digress.)

My goal in cooking is to cook as healthy as possible and from scratch. I stay away from canned foods and items with preservatives as much as possible, but at the same time I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. The curve ball in my attempt to cook is that my husband is a Midwestern meat and potatoes bred man while I am an Indian American vegetarian. While I try to please my husband's palate and that of myself, I'm also trying to expose our child to cuisines from around the world in hopes of her not being as picky of an eater as myself.

Please share with me your thoughts, critiques, praises (I love praise!) and recommendations for new recipes.

Let the journey begin!

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