Saturday, October 1, 2011

Applesauce in the bare

Style director for this photo shoot would be Bambino. 

I know I've made a recipe for applesauce before, and raved at just how amazing it was and how patriotic it smelled and yada  yada yada, but little did I know that you could make applesauce out of apples only, and nothing else! When I was making baby food for Bambino I did discover the secret of how good many fruits and vegetables (ok, more fruits than vegetables) taste when purely steamed. There is something about cooking fruits that bring out the sweetness even more so than eating it in the raw. Specifically, I was highly impressed with steamed pears, I suppose that's where pouched pears come from? I also loved the taste of cooked mangoes. When I blended them I would often eat a bowlful along with Bambino.

So my secret wasn't so grand of a secret. I was reviewing the top 9 recipes on (In hopes that someday I'll make it on there!) and saw this recipe. I'll be honest, I was jealous that my applesauce didn't make it but this plain, no fuss no muss applesauce made it? So I clicked on the post and my mind went from the green eyed monster to Tara on Beverly Hills, 90210 (Kelly's roomate in rehab) who went all starlkerish on Kelly and copied her hair do' and clothes...ok, so maybe not quite that far.  (Wow, do people still reference that show? If anyone other than Adam from Big Brother 13 got that, I'm shocked.) So anyways, I had to make the applesauce.

No fuss, no muss it was! I didn't even have to peel or even cut the apples! I did have to put it through a food mill and pump my arm for awhile, but it came out so fresh and so clean clean! (Outkast? Another one thrown out to crickets.) It was great. I served it to Bambino both plain and over some plain, vanilla yogurt. Yum yum! 

Click here for the original recipe

5 apples (Of your choice. I used Gala because they were on sale.)

1. Wash apples and place in a large pot. Place a scant amount of water in the bottom. By scant, I mean scant.

2. Heat apples to medium-high and place a cover. Let cook for 15-20 minutes, until mushy.

3. Place apples in a food mill to allow all of the core and skin to separate. Crank the food mill.

Getting my food mill on...

4. And there you go. Applesauce sans anything!

Amateur Cooking Difficulty Scale: 1
The hardest part is working the food mill. Good stuff and super easy.

I've been making the other applesauce recipe quite regularly for Bambino, but now I'll definitely switch to this recipe since it has no sugar. I may add a little cinnamon to the bare bones applesauce for a hint of warmth. 

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