Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie

I'm baaaccck! Ok, well at least for now. Between running after a 2 year old and expecting another one in a couple of months, my motivation to work on this blog has truly declined as well as my desire to try new recipes. I have just been sticking to the tried and true, thus I have had nothing to post.

Recently I've been tired of the same old recipes, so I've attempted to make some new dishes and I figured I should share. Also, for my own gains, I'm finding that when I go to make a recipe I have made only once or twice before, I am reverting to the good ol' Tiffin Girl site for the recipe. Hence, for my own organization, it's necessary that I post my recipes here! Also, I noticed that yesterday 5 people visited this site. So for you five people, here you go...

So for now, the posts will be sporadic, but I'll do my best to post some. Also, I am not going to write in detail the recipes, I will simply post a link to where I received the recipe and then briefly write what I changed.

So chicken pot pie. I made this recipe a couple of weeks ago. As you know, I often make chicken and dumplings (Do you smell the subtle hint of narcissism in the air?) so I figured I would try something similar, chicken pot pie. Personally, I was impressed with how beautiful the pie came out. Hubby said it tasted it really well, as did my in-laws who also had a slice. Bambino gobbled down some pie too and seemed to enjoy it. I had some extra filling, so I made another pot pie for a friend who recently had a baby. Not sure if they liked it, but hopefully they did!

Chicken pot pie recipe
My changes:
1. chicken breasts instead of an entire chicken
2. baked chicken in oven and then shredded
3. used organic chicken stock
4. apple juice instead of dried sherry
5. no thyme leaves
6. made 2 olive oil crusts instead of the one listed in the recipe (One crust for the bottom and one for the top)

Amateur Cooking Difficulty Scale: 6
This recipe does take a lot of work, because of the different steps. I had to marinade the chicken the day before, cook the chicken, shred the chicken, then make two crusts and then the filling.Not sure if this will be a heavy rotation dish, because of all the steps, but I'll definitely make it again!

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