Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thanks Sister Sister, but I don't need your parenting Advice

I've always been someone who was interested in celebrity pop culture. I've had my subscription to US Weekly for years and I frequent PerezHilton.com and Realitytea.com on a daily basis, sometimes multiple (ok not sometimes, always) times a day. Since having children I've been more intrigued on the happenings of celebrity parents. Watching them grow through each trimester of pregnancy, seeing their maternity clothes, reading about their post pregnancy weight loss and seeing what types of baby items they purchase. (Yes, I did look up Jessica Simpson's baby registry at Bel Bambino and seriously folks, she's a millionaire, does she really need to register for anything none the less ruffled diapers?) But when they cross the line and start talking about their parenting styles, that's when it drives me nuts! Why do celebrities think we care about their parenting styles? And what exactly makes them the authority on raising children? 

What irritates me the most is when celebrities believe that just because they are a celebrity, they need to advise others on how to be a parent. Tia Mowry, you've gone through one pregnancy and have a child that is what, 6 months old, why do you think you should have a book out? And the child is just now around 6 months, when exactly did you write this book?

Now, I have not read the book (Don't tell me to go read it before I judge, I refuse!), but based on the cover, Pregnancy Tales and Advice? Ok, write about your pregnancy tales, that's fine. I'm sure your fans are curious to know how your pregnancy was, but advice? What authority do you have? Are you a doctor, midwife, nurse? Have some academic degree that we don't know about? Last I recall, your resume contains you yelling Rog-er! and having to put up with Jackee's screechingingly high pitched voice.

From watching Tia and Tamara's show (not Sister Sister, but their reality show on the Sytle Network. Yes. I won't hide it. I assume by now you know of my affinity for reality television. But I draw the line at certain shows, like Housewives of Atlanta and the Kardashians. Ok, so I may have watched these shows in the past, but they've gotten so way over the top that I've had to stop in disgust. Whoa, way off topic here) she's probably the last person to take advice from. During the show she and her husband discuss how much they disliked a potential pediatrician because he was pushing for their child to get vaccinated. As a parent, I am an extreme believer in vaccinations. I can't even get my child into a mother's day out program without showing proof of shot records, how would they get their child into school? But it's not for me to judge. That's just it. As a parent the most obnoxious personality to deal with is another individual (whether they are a parent or not) give unwanted advice when they have no knowledge other then they either have a child or know a child. You don't hold any authority on parenting nor do you know my child in the same capacity as I do, so who are you to give advice? Just because it's what Dr. Sears says or it's something that worked for you doesn't mean it's going to work for my child.

In the case of Tia, it's apparent that she wanted to use her so-called celebrityness (yes, a word I coined) to make a few extra bucks. What's something she's experienced that she can now relate with a new grouping of people, being a mother! So write about your tales, that's fine, but don't give me advice, I don't need it. Because you've had one child you know it all? Go through another pregnancy and raise another child and see how much of your advice you would change.

Now  there is the other realm of celebrities (Again, I use that term loosely. Think C list celebrities) that use their status to bring attention to their style of  parenting. For example, I think we've all see Alicia Silverstone's infamous video of feeding her child via the bird method, chewing food in her mouth and then spitting it into her child's mouth. That may be your personal way of rearing your child so lets keep it that, personal. You know it's going to cause controversy, because it is not the mainstream way of feeding your child, so don't pimp out your child simply to bring attention to you when you have a new project you want to plug.

Mayam Bialik is another example. She wrote a book about attachment parenting, another...I don't want to say controversial...but an alternative to mainstream parenting. That's fine and dandy if that's how you want to raise your child, but don't use your "celebrity" status to educate people on how to parent their children. What  makes you the authority on attachment parenting and can teach others? Look Blossom, just because you were the oddball in high school, are bitter that your flowered hats did not catch on as did Carrie Bradshaw's flower pins and are stuck playing roles where your lack of Hollywood standard beauty leads you to play  characters of extreme intellect and lacking social graces (ahem, your questionable obsession with Penny?) doesn't mean you need to compensate by educating the masses on attachment parenting.(Don't be fooled by my comments, overall I like Amy Farrah Fowler).

Here's the deal, folks. While I do like to watch celebrities parent, I don't need them to educate me on parenting. Don't use your status in society to capitalize on your mothering status, whether it is through a book or posting a you tube video. Oh! And if you are asked in a magazine about how parenting is, DO NOT make it sound like it's all unicorns and bubble baths, Katherine Heigl, don't tell me how being a zombie for lack of sleep for the first few months is totally worth the amazing bundle of joy when I'm currently in the zombie mode! And don't get me started on Giselle Bunchen's comments about how formula is like poisoning your child. I'm sorry, but does having Victoria Secret wings suddenly raise your parenting IQ by 20 points?

Ok. Can you tell I haven't had more than three hours of sleep at a time in the last 5 weeks? Sleep deprived diatribe done.


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