Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Building my dream board: Chanel Red Grand Shopper Tote

My first encounter with a dream board was on Big Brother 14 where Ashley's dream board was the chatter around the proverbial water cooler. Or rather, Ashley's bambiesque-barbiesque persona was the chatter because she made you want to laugh at her and also pat her head at the same time. Self described as "a modern hippie who likes rap music" you just hoped that she truly  was an actress who was going to flip the script on the whole cast and win the game, but unfortunately she was just hippie barbie who made it to the eviction house by hanging on to the coattails of Carrot Frank.

The one thing that I did learn from Ashley was the concept of a dream board. At first I thought it was some big joke. Ashley explained how she puts things that she wants on her dream board and then they come true. For instance, she stated how she put an iPhone on her dream board and it actually appeared! 

When I started thinking more about the concept, I realized that isn't that what Pinterest is? A virtual board where you post what you like, concrete or abstract, but the majority of us know that these items or concepts aren't going to appear in thin air.

So rather than make a Pinterest page, ok, I did, but I rarely utilize it because it makes me feel undomestic. No, I cannot build a bicycle out of PVC pipes and toilet paper rolls, so why expose myself to something that's going to make this competitive women feel less of herself. Instead, I'll just post all material items that I want here in hopes that one day I will open my front door and *poof* it will appear a la Ashley's Iphone? 

Influential: Iris Apfel (pictured), who is 90, has inspired a range of glasses. Created by Eyebobs, a U.S. eye wear brand, the frames are similar to her own

So my first item is this Chanel Red Grand Shopper Tote. In the past I always thought of Chanel as an old lady item. Visions of Iris Apfel came to mind, larger than life glasses, petite frame and an avant guard fashion sense that I could never comprehend. And then came the underground marketing campaign that took young Hollywood by storm. Somehow I missed the advertisements, perhaps because I don't peruse magazines like I'm a Celebutante, what should I wear?

The first young person I saw to don a Chanel handbag was Lauren Conrad on The Hills. What? A young woman can wear a Chanel bag? I don't know, the long gold chain, it's kind of iffy, I'm not sure if I could go with that look. Then Lauren got Heidi a Chanel bag for her birthday. Now, this was pre- "You know what you did. You know what you did," but still it had to have been a pricey gift nonetheless. And then Spencer bought Heidi another Chanel bag for her 21st birthday as they drank champagne sans any friends since they had alienated everyone with their...whoa this is not a Hills recap. I don't want to embarrass myself too much here.

So The Hills made the Chanel bag hot again, or at least to me. I'm sure Ana Wintour and her band of followers would greatly disagree, but this is how it was to me. And then after watching the Housewives of Beverly Hills it was refreshing to see Kyle Richards carry a Chanel bag, in every size, shape and color, as opposed to the requisite Housewives Birkin bag which made me even more enticed. (Seriously, a Birkin? Did we all not learn our lesson from Samantha using Lucy Liu's name to get her hands on a Birkin? A bag so elitist that it's not good enough for Samantha, how can any Housewives dare to carry such a bag? That and you cost as much as a car? It's seriously the bag any reality star carries right after they foreclose on their house.)

And thus my love for a classic Chanel was born. I'd like to say that I've delved into the world of Devil Wears Prada and all things fashion, but that's not the case. While I did enjoy the movie, the closest that I get to fashion is explained by Meryl Streep's Ana Wintourish character in the movie, lecturing Emily (the Anne Hathaway Emily) about the cerulean blue color of her lumpy blue sweater that was purchased from the clearance bin of Casual Corner. (I wear the lumpy sweater evolved from what was on the runway two years ago.) I've seen the purse numerous times, it's grown on me and I want one. But lets be real, 2 grand on a purse is just not a realistic concept for me. I have two small children, do you know how many diapers I could buy with that kind of money? 

So at the end of the day I'll tack an image of this red Chanel tote on my dream board and maybe it will replace my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag on the bench by the door. Fingers crossed! 


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