Sunday, December 9, 2012

HEB, you never disappoint...

If you've read any of my posts you know my love for H-E-B. It's my go to grocery store. I know the staff like they're my own co-workers.  The lady at the deli counter even commented on how Bambino looks just like my husband! (Today I overheard her converse with another lady about her baby and I did get jealous. I thought it was just this customer that the deli lady had friendly conversation with! There goes her holiday tip! No, not really, I'm too cheap to give those out.)

Anyways, so Bambina and I went to H-E-B this morning to do our weekly shopping. Bambino was home asleep with Hubby. As usual, Bambina sat in her hybrid car/shopping cartmobile which made lugging the groceries around a bit harder, but at least I didn't have Bambino in the Bjorn too. (You may be surprised by this, but it is easier chasing after her while I push an easily pushable cart as opposed to pushing what feels like a ton of bricks.) Watching me push her and half the produce section in my cart is like watching a small child try to push their small sibling in a stroller. My body is at a 45 degree angle, using my leg muscles to get the strength to push the stupid car wannabe cart. (While the cart does entice children that they can have fun at the grocery store, it's a bitch to push.)

So we purchased our usual groceries and did our usual checkout. Now,by usual it means chaotic check out. By the time we get to the cashier Bambina has to get out of the cart and explore the compulsive buys section of the store. She points to the coke refrigerator and calls it, "Papa Water" and then continues to pick up every piece of candy and hand it to me. In response, I loudly state how "we don't eat candy" so that others in line don't think my child is familiar with candy bars because I bribe...err reward her with such things. (She refers to Kit Kat as kitty kat and M&M's as chocolate.)  And even if I did such a thing I would only do so after she has eaten all her dinner. But not that I do such a thing.

So after I paid for our purchases the cashier thanked me and told me to have a good day and to which I responded with a thank you as well. I then looked for the bagger to give him a thank you as well ( I always feel bad for the baggers because most conversation is with the cashier and the bagger is ignored, so I like to keep him/her in conversation and always say thank you for their work.) When I turned around I noticed the bagger was gone so I hauled my horrendously heavy shopping cartmobile out the store. (Yes, Bambina got back in.)

When I got home I unloaded all my groceries and went on with my day. Made the kids lunch and then took Bambina to a birthday party. When I came home I went into the kitchen and realized I was missing the chocolate chips! I like to keep them in the freezer so that they don't go bad. (It's December and my car read 84 degrees, I don't take a risk with melting chocolate). I also realized the nutmeg wasn't there either! I went to check my receipt and saw that there was a third item missing as well! It was a total of $18 missing! 

How dare you, H-E-B?! You kept one of my bags! Then I got upset with myself for not being diligent and ensuring that I had all of my grocery bags! Right away I told Hubby that I was going back to H-E-B with my receipt to get my money back. My mother had once told me that at Wal-mart when that happens they scan those items back in the computer and if you have a receipt they would give you the items back.

I was skeptical whether H-E-B was going to do anything. After scouring the car and the kitchen, to ensure my post pregnancy brain didn't misplace the bag, I was ready to go to H-E-B. I had my angry, don't mess with me face on. The last time I put this face on was circa July 2012. The Ferminator's yard men were doing some work in the back yard and all of a sudden I heard a smash and then a loud cackle. I peaked out the window and saw someone rolling around in the grass. I turned around and giggled and then looked back and saw food from what must have been a taqueria or a taco truck because they had aluminum foil wrapped tacos and some salsaesque sauce in small plastic containers. I was puzzled, were they about to have an early Thanksgiving feast in my backyard? Then I saw a broken rocking chair and then the rage hit! They were arranging their food on my back patio when one of them sat down and the rocking chair broke and the man fell to the ground! Thus the friend/co-worker literally rolling on the ground laughing. Ok, it was funny. But then I thought, why are they having a hen party on my property on my dime?  Oh, I broke that up fast. I opened the door quick and let them know how I felt about them having their lunch on my back porch, on my now broken furniture without even asking! I had never seen men so afraid of me before! Karma's not pretty man, karma is not pretty. 

So when I went into H-E-B rage face was all on. I stood in line at the service desk with my hands trembling. There were two counters open, one with a somewhat young, rather large man and the other with an older lady. Please let me get the lady, please let me get the lady. And then with a deep, masculine voice "Next, please." No!!  By the time I got to the counter all the rage was gone and was crept over with intimidation. "Um, sir, I didn't get these items from my groceries earlier today." He simply responded with telling me to speak to the manager in the blue shirt who was currently bagging groceries. When I spoke to him a calmness came over me when he responded with a quick, "Ok. Give me a second." He came back and told me it wasn't logged in the system so he would go speak with the cashier. The nerves came back, I was worried he wasn't going to do anything about it. He quickly came back and informed me to get the items and he would bag them and then we could leave.

So I went to find the items and when I came back I couldn't find him so the nerves crept back. I found another man in a blue shirt, bypassing any lines, so maybe I wasn't that nervous. I told him the situation and he gave me a bag and said, "have a nice day." 

I'm so impressed with H-E-B, yet again. Kudos, H-E-B, Kudos. I was anticipating them to do nothing and I was already thinking of the scathing post I was going to write and how I would now have to shop at Kroger's but what about the H-E-B brand products that I buy. But no, they came through like they always do. 

Perhaps they know me as a loyal customer, or maybe they treat everyone this way. Regardless, this is why I love you so, H-E-B. 


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