Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've finally stepped into the Applelution...

What is the Applelution you may ask? And are those Motorola Razors in the photo? Lets take a step back in my life, shall we, and all will be explained.

I've never been one to stay ahead of technological advancement. The rapid pace at which technology upgrades is just unfathomable to me. Wasn't it just yesterday that Back to the Future II was in theaters and adult Marty Mcfly was video chatting? Who thought the ability to do such things would actually exist? (The owners of Skype, apparently.)

SMS from WebmailIf it weren't for my brother, my family probably would not have gotten AOL when I was in the 9th grade. Remember the loud dial-up noise when you logged in? And often times the number you dialed would be busy, so then you would have to change the number your modem was calling. (Is that even the correct lingo?) And of course you could never talk on the phone and use the internet, unless you had a highly advance plan on your cell phone, but cell phones for more than just emergencies? Ha!

I used AOL all through high school and when I got to the college dorm I had what was referred to as Ethernet  So no more dial-up, at least for my freshman year. It was pretty great, I went crazy with napster (when it was free) and downloaded music like it wasn't going to be there tomorrow... which was true, it wasn't, well it was, for a cost.

After moving off campus I would often go to the computer lab in the library to check email or for whatever research I needed and I recall how the computers were divided into Mac and PC. I was deathly afraid of the Mac's, stayed clear of them. You can't right click on Mac, what?!

imageAhhhh, the old debate. Were you a Mac or PC? Noel was going after  Amy Smart and when he realized she was a Mac it caused some undue tension between the two. Aiden told Carrie to right click on her Mac when she saw the big bomb which resulted in a lecture from the Indian tech support man in some broke ass version of the Geek Squad. (Broke ass version of the Geek Squad, who knew there could be one?)

And thus we come to the term Applelution. When did the debate of Mac vs PC turn into Apple is the cool thing? And when did Mac turn to Apple? Perhaps at the advent of the iPod? Or maybe it was a massive PR campaign to make Apple (and Justin Long) a household name, as opposed to a row of computers in a college library that no one wanted to use. Seriously, I remember going to the computer lab and all the PC's were taken and if you got stuck having to use a Mac the last thing you wanted to do was not know how to take your disc out of the computer and have to ask one of the students working in the lab. (Especially if you were a computer science major.)

I was vehemently opposed to joining the Applelution because I like to be an individual. I didn't get my first iPod until 2005, and did so with much resistance What was wrong with my yellow Sony armband that I used to run? So the Velcro on the band was causing some kind of red irritation on my arm, it worked. It worked all though college, graduate school and was still working. Yeah I've gone through 4 of them, but I like it. My husband convinced me to get the iPod, and hey I liked it.

I'm the last person to jump on the newest technological gadget bandwagon because I don't do well with change, of all kinds. When I figure out how to work something, I stick with it. That and the fact that I'm cheap.

So I had my Motorola razor since 2007 and never had problems with it. I watched the creation of the smart phone arise and never felt a need to get one. I was happy with my flip phone which I felt was cool on its own. I could even take pictures with it! Yes, people would often...quite often laugh at me as I would text through the key pad with a loud sounding beep as I pushed each button, bu t it worked for me.

A couple of months ago my phone refused to read the charger, it couldn't charge. I had no phone! My husband who is quite the tech/apple lover was estatic of this. We had a joint plan and here was his chance to get a new phone as well. (Lucky for him he had a work phone so he wasn't toting around a Razor like me.) He decided to get us both iPhones. I actually just wanted an iPhone 4 since they were free, but he kept pushing for me to get a 5. After a bit of compromise I got the 4s and he got the 5.

My phone is the best thing ever! I now understood why people love smart phones. I've gone photo and  video crazy. My poor Bambina is so tired of her papparazo mother that as soon as I pull out my phone she shields her hands in front of her face like she's going shopping on Robertson Boulevard.

So now my family is Mac...Apple crazy. We do have an iPad, my iPhone, hubby's iPhone and hubby's work iPhone. It's a bit crazy. We're in need of a new desktop and we're contemplating Apple, but I worry that when the kids get to school they will only know how to work an Apple and be deathly afraid of the PC's in the classroom. Seriously, when Bambina sits on my laugh to watch Elmo videos on the laptop, she keeps pushing the screen wanting to watch another video and the befuddled look on her face is priceless. Just like her mother.

Fingers crossed my trek into the Applelution will help me blog more. You know you missed me!


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