Saturday, December 29, 2012

Navigating my way through Pinterest: Getting Started

I feel it's time to join Pinterest. Much like Facebook five years ago, I'm finding that every female I know in her late 20s and 30s are on Pinterest. How do I know this? Other than the pins posted on Facebook, so many other mothers telling me of recipes, craft ideas and home decor they have found on Pinterest. At first I figured since I'm not gifted when it comes to all items sold in Hobby Lobby that I should steer clear (Seriously, I feel intimidated and defeated whenever I walk in that store!), but now I feel like the little kid who couldn't go to Mikey's birthday party because I had to visit the grandparents and they got to go to Chuck E Cheese and brought home a Chuck E Cheese balloon and I didn't get to go! Thus, I feel like I'm left out.

And so begins my journey into Pinterest. As you know, I'm far from adept when it comes to anything that relates to technology and cyberspace so this will be quite the journey so why not share my experience, if anything it will be comical for you? Or perhaps you can relate?

Step 1: Create Your Account. Connect on Facebook or Twitter? Oh, so you want to invade my privacy and have access to all my friends, followers and followees? Negative. Oh look, if you scroll down there it says how to log in with an email. If I wasn't so thorough I would have handed over all my private information for you to add on to your site for your advantage. Sneeky sneeky, marketing exes at Pinterest!

Ok, email placed, name placed and photo uploaded. Now I have received the confirmation email and off to start pinning! So it says some stuff on my email, but I'm not a reader, I'll just figure my way through and when I can't figure something out I just yell at Hubby who is completely unaware but will come do the reading for me. And then if that doesn't work I email my tech guru, my brother who was a programmer in a past life who will first respond with some biting humor comment and then actually help. Fingers crossed I'm going to do this on my own.

Step 2: Helping Pinterest personalize my Interests. Ok, so I have to click on a few of these icons so they can get an idea of my interests. What are some of these photos? A tattoo? Cher circa 1970? A woman lifting up her shirt and checking out her highly toned abs? Oh, when did you get here?

Ok, here's what I chose.

I expected a lot more crafts, food and fashion, but some of these images were just bizarre!

Step 3: Get to Pinning  So this is my homepage. I'm assuming similar to my home screen on facebook or twitter, this is where those that I'm following will have their pins scrolling down. I'm not following anyone, so shouldn't it be blank? But no. These are supposed to be images of what may interest me based on what I had to scower through on the previous page. Nothing looks to fit my personality. Excellent getting to know me page, Pinterest, excellent.

So I see I can create a board and pin items to board in order to properly organize my pins. Thus, I've created my first pin, "Recipes." I know, original. Lets see what I can find. Now, are these things that I am actually going to make or just look good. If so, perhaps I should segregate my recipes to what I will make and what just looks good? Aghh! The stress. Ok, for now I'll just stick with my recipe board.

Wait, so I found a photo of a recipe that looks good, but where do I get the recipe? OH!! Aha moment! So this was pinned from Rachel Ray's magazine. Ohhh, so much like "liking" something on facebook, I'm "pinning" from out there in cyberspace.

So how can I get a Pinterest icon on my blog so you can pin my posts?

Looks like this is going to be quite the fete for me. Have you noticed I'm far from technologically challenge?

Find me on Pinterest, thetiffingirl. Any help, tips, thoughts, epiphanies of Pinterest will help me greatly, so please share! And I'll happily follow you, if I figure out how...


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