Friday, December 28, 2012

Snickers update!

This is really just a gratuitous photo of the snickers cheesecake I made this past weekend. So admire it, I sure am.

I made snickers cheesecake about a year ago and it was a huge hit, the only problem was that I didn't have a spring form pan (Every time I hear those words I think of the T-Pain song, I'm sprung...out to get you. Yes, I'll admit it, the 16 year old in me still enjoys some hip hop music.) So I ended up using two deep dish pie pans. It was well liked, but wasn't aesthetically pleasing as this one, so I had to re-post the recipe just for bragging rights.

Now, I'm assuming the taste went over as well as its beauty. Everyone who had a taste enjoyed it so hopefully it wasn't out of politeness. Hubby did pose the question, "Why is it in restaurants the cheesecake is smooth across the top and doesn't have that raise on the side?" Of course my rapid fire, defensive, juvenile response after being in the kitchen all day was, "I've seen it that way in restaurants!" The last time I made it it didn't have the bump, so I'm not sure what happened, but I feel it just adds to the beauty as does the lean in the Tower of Pisa. One person's blunder is another person's beauty.

So hopefully the beauty and taste went over as well with the public as it did with myself.

And now I shall sit back and admire my work.

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