Saturday, January 5, 2013

Building my Dream Board: Hunter Boots

My dream board is looking pretty sparse, time to give that Chanel handbag a neighbor!

So my new obsession of the moment is rain boats and of course I had to fall in love with the brand name, expensive rain boats, right? I was never really aware of rain boots in the past. I never  thought much of it or its usefulness. Actually, now that I think of it, I always saw them as dorky. Really? What a fashion faux pas. Putting those clunkers on your feet? How embarrassing, just deal with the rain. I remember in college having to tread around campus on rainy days, the bottoms of my jeans soaking wet and having to deal with it all day. The worst was wearing flip flops was all the rage so you always wore them, even on rainy days. I even remember in the winter girls wearing jeans, a sweater and flip flops. (It's Texas people, it never gets that cold. It didn't get out of the 40s today and when we left the house Hubby said I bundled the kids up like they were going into a blizzard. 40 degrees might as well be a blizzard! ) Suffice it to say, rain boots were not in my fashion repertoire it was much too pragmatic for me, I just followed the trend. God forbid I didn't bled in with the masses! 

So after Bambina turned two I decided to invest in a pair of rain boots. Not really for the rain, but for when she would play outside after the rain. She could stomp through the mud and never get wet. You see, the rain may be gone for days, but in the parks there always seems to be muddy spots that Bambina has to land in. That and the fact that it helped protect her legs from mosquito bites. Yes, after the rain we have massive mosquitoes. So I bought her a cheap pair from my favorite place, H-E-B (yes, they have kids shoes too) and  it was the best ten bucks I ever spent! And I still didn't think I needed a pair, they're for children! I'll just wear my old pair of running shoes to keep my feet dry.

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around on Twitter and was on some fashion blogger's page and saw that she was in Nordstrom Rack and took a photo of some Hunter Boots for only $50.Oh my god, what are Hunter boots?! She's blogging about them and they are on sale so I have to get a pair!!  There were rows and rows of these boots. I saw them and thought, cute cute! (That's Bambina-Mommy colloquial speak, sometimes I forget my audience and revert back to our language.) So immediately I had to Google Hunter boots and find out their story. Typical Tiffin Girl, I see something a fashionista has and I have to have it. Because Anna Wintour dictates what is popular in the fashion world and trickles it down to the fashionistas who then trickle down to me, the fashionista wannabe who shops at Marshall's. Did I really like them or was it someone cool liked them and now I like them? Yes, the high school mentality of I want what she has still exists and thus I fell in love with Hunter Boots. They would look so cute over leggings and were resourceful for when I took the kids to the park or running errands on rainy days. (Oh sure, now I'm worried about staying dry. Now that she has them.) 

So I perused some different sites to see if I could get a pair for $50 (The max I would pay) and saw that the style I want was $135. Much too much to pay for rain boots when I have plenty of other fiscal responsibilities that are my priority. When I was marathon training I didn't even spend that much on shoes, and to a runner shoes are essential to running performance. So I bid adieu to the Hunter boots, much too much to spend for me.

But that did't take away my thirst for rain boots. I had to find a cheap pair that was as cute as the Hunter boots! Hmm, where to go. Target! Of course! A girlfriend had mentioned they had cute rain boots. I checked online and they did. 

Toddler Girls Hello Kitty Rain Boot - Pink And so it was time to buy Bambina new rain boots so we went to Target to buy us both some rain boots. So she picked out a pair of Hello Kitty boots, or as she refers to them "Cat Kitty Cat boots," an homage to Katarina Kitty Cat from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Unfortunately for me, they had no adult rain boots! What?! It's been raining consistently for the past two weeks, and no rain boots in store?

So the past couple weeks I have been agonizing over rain boots. I want them, but I can't find any that I like. (I know, priorities? That's my biggest concern?) I've checked different websites, still constantly watching for Hunter sales, and nothing.

I finally trekked out to DSW today and got a pair of Kamik rainboots. (Yeah, you never heard of them? They're Canadian, eh.) Anyways, they're black, they're simple, can go over my leggings or even worn with shorts in the rainy summer. Cute? Kind of. Resourceful? Yes.

So no, they aren't Hunter boots, but the cheaper version. As long as they do the job and look somewhat cute, cute while doing so it works for me. Fingers crossed the box morphs into a Hunter box tomorrow morning. Work your magic dream board, work your magic...


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