Friday, January 25, 2013

Chobani, You Rock! (Not a Paid Endorsement # 4)

Full House (TV show) John Stamos as Jesse Katsopolis
Mmmm. Chobani. Now, don't be fooled. I wasn't on the Greek yogurt bandwagon the minute Joy Bauer mentioned how Greek yogurt should be the only type of yogurt consumed or the minute Jon Stamos tried to convince me that eating Greek dairy would have me hallucinating visions of Jesse Katsopolis in a leather jacket sporting a mullet. (Because isn't that every stay at home mom/housewife's dream?) Oh no, I don't follow everything that pop culture media proclaims. I don't believe in gluten free diets if you aren't allergic to gluten, I don't weather the current fashion trends of the when it looks hideous on me (i.e. floral skinny jeans) and I definitely don't partake in Wine Wednesday with Hoda and Kathy Lee at 10am. (Or should I say I'm not abstaining from alcohol this month just because they are. Although I did see Hoda cheat on Watch What Happens Live! What was that fruity concoction, Hoda? Those drinks are only acceptable in an exotic location of if you are Kim Kardashian promoting Midori.)

Seasoned Yogurt Rice RecipeSo no, I never felt any need to try Greek yogurt, I was happy with my sporadic eating of Yoplait flavored yogurt or plain, fat-free Horizon yogurt. (I eat a lot of plain yogurt with Indian food- rice!- and of course I put it in hummus.) It was actually my parents who got me hooked. After hearing the hub bub about Greek yogurt and its health benefits my mom decided to buy some, mainly because of the high protein content. Instantly my parents were hooked. They would often give it to Bambina when she would spend the night with them and she loved it too. I once tried the plain version with Indian food and was highly unimpressed. It was thick and just didn't work well with rice. It was too much like sour cream.

And then my mother made some spinach dip and replaced the sour cream with greek, plain yogurt and mmmm it tastes like sour cream! (In this instance it was ok. Sour cream in spinach dip, yes. Sour cream on rice, NO.) And then my mom left a cup of the peach Chobani in my fridge and so I tried it as for it to not go bad and man was it ever good! Thick and creamy with a chunks of peach on the bottom, that's some good stuff!

So then I too was hooked and had to try every flavor, strawberry, apple, blood orange and concluded that the only one I actually like is peach. The others are far too gooey and sweet whereas peach has a perfect balance of sweet and tart along with a slight crunch to top it off. And then I started buying the children's Chobani Champions for Bambina and of course she loved it

So why the declaration that Chobani is so awesome? Well, actually it's their amazing customer service that deserves the kudos!

raspberry liquid yogurtLast week I bought my usual horde of Chobani 6oz cups and Chobani Champions. I went to give Bambina her cup at breakfast and noticed it was a bit liquidy. It was much more of a substance that you would drink than consume with a spoon. I could have put a straw in the cup and fed it to her. Hmmm, I thought, is it expired? No. Is the fridge not working? No, the temp is fine and nothing else in the fridge has gone bad. I tasted it and it tasted fine. Must be a fluke, I thought, but still threw it out. And then later that night I went to have a peach cup and noticed the same thing, why so liquidy? I was actually annoyed, here are two cups that I threw away because even though they weren't expired, the consistency just ruined the taste.

I called my parents, the Chobani King and Queen to get their input on the situation and my father informed he recently had a liquidy peach flavor that ruined the taste for him and has since stopped eating it. What? Why was I not informed of this? My mother, who still consumes the protein packed piece of goodness said that when yogurt is made at too hot of a temperature it will come out more liquidy and then went on to explain how she used to make yogurt and her experiences. Hmmm, so it must not have to do with my fridge.

TwitterAnd so I went straight to the Chobani website to make my formal complaint. I noticed on the website it said that you can get a quicker response if you go to Twitter, so to Twitter I went (Gratuitous plug: Follow me at @thetiffingirl, you can be my 4th follower. Seriously, I only have three, two being family and the other being a random security company.) after my formal complaint was complete.

I explained to the Chobani talking head my situation to which I did indeed get a speedy response telling me to make a complaint on the website and someone would get back to me. Been there done that, but ate least talking head was quick and friendly. Well, that was on a Saturday so I knew I wouldn't hear anything until the week. And Monday morning I had a reply right away! I was told that they sent the information (I had to type in the code on top of the yogurt containers I had complaints on. Yes, there were more than just those two cups.) to quality to find out what happened with that exact cup. They asked for my mailing address so they could send me some coupons. I was hesitant to give out my address for fear of whether it was legitimate, but went ahead and did it.

I waited for my coupons and waited and waited. (Ok, it was only 5 days.) And they arrived! I received three coupons for free 6oz cups and two free coupons for the Champions 4 packs. No way! I was truly expecting only some ten cent off coupons, but they really did give me back the money from all the yogurt that was bad!

So what did go wrong? Why so liquidy? God forbid, was it a problem on the seller's side, my precious H-E-B? Or was it all on Chobani? And is it ok that I did eat one liquidy one? (I wanted a quick, healthy snack!) Unfortunately I'll never know,  but I do appreciate the champion that is Chobani. (Lame pun intended.) Oh! and I always make sure to check the expiration date and shake every Chobani container before purchasing,
I suggest you do the same! (Don't worry if other people eye you while doing it, it'll save you having to eat...drink your yogurt with a straw.)


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