Friday, January 4, 2013

Homemade frosting, why are you so difficult?!

This was my attempt...

...but this was my result.

Ok, stop laughing. Seriously, I see the smirk. It's not funny. Ok, maybe a little. And no, I didn't think Reese's Pieces were the same as sprinkles, but I was out of sprinkles after the cake ball fiasco!

I've always wanted to make homemade cupcake frosting that looked like the above photo...the above, above photo. Why is it so difficult? If you've read any of my previous posts you know that I refer to dough as being very temperamental, well so to are all things sweet.  The smallest thing can throw off a recipe. There is a reason why making a dessert dish on Top Chef can be the kiss of death. Making desserts, baking, anything sweet is risky business. It's an exact science, unlike savory dishes where you can taste your way through the dish to make the perfect product. With pastries and baked goods you don't know what you have until the final product. And so this was the case with my frosting.

To give myself credit, the first time I made homemade frosting it was a sweating mess. By sweating I mean that the frosting was dripping off the cake, as if it were melting, which it probably was. But this time it appeared better, but still didn't do that fancy swirly thing that Giada so easily has done on her show many times before. Sure, just take a ziplock bag, cut a corner, put your frosting in and swirl it around your cupcake. 

And voila, beauitful cupcakes a la Giada. Unfortunately, my above photos don't look like these below.

I now know why Bambina refuses to apologize when she does something wrong and instead tries to do something cute to change the topic, she's stubborn and she gets it from her mother. I just will not give up. At this point, it's not about wanting to have a good tasting cupcake, it's the fact that there is something out there that I cannot do! 

So I made these above cupcakes for a play date I took the kids to today. I wanted to attempt the amazing cupcakes another mom friend had made at our annual Halloween party, but unfortunately mine looked nowhere near the professional level as hers! While I knew my cupcakes looked like something 
that a group of girl scouters made to earn their baking badge, I took them to the play date none the less knowing kids love frosting and candy.

My friend who made the perfect, Giada looking cupcakes has offered a private tutorial on how to make them, if all goes well I'll share with you. If you hear nothing, then I've failed again and rather than acknowledge my failure I will go into denial. Cupcakes? Oh, I've never made them before. I'll have to try.


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