Monday, January 7, 2013

Not a paid endorsement #4: Fresh Baby So Easy baby food kit

So Easy Baby Food Kit

It's baby food making time again! 

When I was pregnant with Bambina a girlfriend of mine, who had a 2 year old daughter, asked me if I was going to make my own baby food. I hadn't really thought much of it at this point. I was just enjoying the luxury of a first time pregnancy, inhaling everything in site not realizing that by the 9th month all those Cape Cod Kettle Chips would make their appearance on my rotund cheeks.

She insisted I borrow a baby making kit called Fresh Baby So Easy baby food kit. This kit contains a book with baby food puree recipes as well as two freezer trays to store the baby food and some other paraphernalia that quite frankly I haven't acknowledged. So I said sure, again, more concerned with those kettle cooked potato chips as opposed to pureed acorn squash. 

Once it was time to start making baby food, I scoured the kitchen for some baby food kit I had borrowed during my 9 month food haze and opened up the book and was highly impressed! This book really does promise what it advertises, makes baby food fast! By following this book I was able to make all of Bambina's baby food, saving money and providing my daughter with fresh produce. I was extremely happy with it!

Once Bambina was eating non-pureed food I gave the book back to my friend. Now that Baby Bambino is ready for food, I've purchased the package. What helps me the best is that it tells me what foods he can eat at what month. Every website will list different foods for different ages and my doctor gave me very little restrictions as to what to eat and when.

The only thing I do differently is rather than microwave the food, as it states in the book, I place it in the pressure cooker out of paranoia that the microwave isn't going to properly cook the fruits/vegetables all the way through. The I place it in the freezer trays and once frozen move them into ziplock bags based on serving size.

Now if only there were something out there to help me with my laziness of moving the ice cubes into the ziplock bag.. What's a Honey Do list exactly?


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