Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reviving a Classic: The 30 Day Shred

The first at home workout DVD I ever did was Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I was introduced to it by a friend and fell in love. It was perfect for the mother of a newborn because from warm up to cool down they are about 27 minutes long and have three workouts on the DVD. On days I had more time I was able to do more than one workout and one workout could be broken into parts because it had three circuits. I could easily do one full workout and then one, two or three circuits of another workout.

And so I did this workout a lot, even through my second pregnancy! (It was like the 16 year old Tiffin Girl who finally got hooked to Beverly Hills 90210 in syndication and watched it over and over. Ok, so maybe I was still watching it at 26. Needless to say, when I like something I'm hooked.) I knew the moves by heart along with Jillian's comical commentary (Although this one is nowhere near as amusing as Ripped in 30 where she compares one move to doing the Running Man while listening to MC Hammer and how everyone should put on their leg warmers. Ahh, Jill. Not very correct, leg warmers were 80s and Hammer was early 90s. Get it straight.). After giving birth to Bambino I continued with this workout for the first two months because I didn't have much time to workout, so a quick 25 minute workout was perfect.

And then when Bambino was sleeping through the night I was ready for longer workouts and just wanted something new to kick start the workout because I was beyond tired of 30 Day Shred. (Similar to how to this day I'm just so sick of Beverly Hills 90210 that when I see Kelly Taylor spout her "I choose me" speech to Brandon and Dylan I no longer get excited knowing my favorite Palm Springs season finale episode is on it's way, quite the contrary, I'm repulsed by visions of Dick Dale performing to a scantily clad Donna playing chicken in the pool with Ray angrily....whoa getting carried away.)   So I bought  Bob Harper's workout compilation and I loved it. But it's been five months now and I wanted something new. (Oh how I miss you, exercise tv!) So this morning I decided to go back to the good ol' 30 Day Shred.

I was anticipating it was going to be easy, so I kept my 5 lb weights out (I always did the workout with 3 lb weights) and was planning on doing the harder modifications she does in her other videos, but I didn't need to at all! I did Level 2 and Level 3, but only one warm up and one cool down, and did the six circuits back to back. It was long, tiring 50 minute workout.

I contemplated doing level three first and then level two so I had full energy for the harder workout first, but instead just went in order, which was still pretty difficult. From the walking planks with a push up to the pendulum swing lunges with hammer curls I was tired before even starting level three! (And during those pendulum lunges I used a five lb weight and did not drop my leg from forward lunge to backward lunge! Props, please. It's the closest I'll ever get to my 10 year old child dream of performing next to Nicole Eggert on Circus of the Stars) And then the walking planks and traveling push ups killed in level three. I will say that the Bob Harper workouts really got me into better shape though, because during the jumping lunges in level three I was able to do them with 3 lb weights in my hand and not take a break, which I could never do in the past. 

I think what made the workout so tiring is that unlike her newer workouts, she does each move for longer. For instance, in Ripped in 30 she does three moves of strength, but in 30 Day Shred she does only two, but the moves are held longer which leads to a longer burn. Also, a few of the moves are the same in her later workouts DVDs, but most of them are actually different, so my muscles were jostled into a new routine.

It made me realize just how important it is to jump start your workout so that your body doesn't get into a rut, but at the same time not to forget my old workouts! (But this does not mean I need to go back and watch more 90210 reruns! When I do flip through channels and see it on nothing repulses me more than seeing Janet Sosna working at the Beverly Beat. Why did they even continue with the show after senior year of college?) Apparently, taking a break and then going back to the workout is a concept I need to remember. Steve Maresca, I'm coming after your Body By Jake workout next!


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