Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tom Colicchio, is that Fried Chicken I Smell? No, Just Hypocrisy

Don't let the photo fool you, the crooked smile, the one eye closed, the jovial appearance. If you are an avid watcher of Top Chef, as am I, you know that jovial is far from a word that describes Tommy Boy. Intimidating, brash and undiplomatic are much more describing of this Head Judge. I recall him on Watch What Happens Live! responding to Andy Cohen's comment on his lovely scarf in an irritated manner saying that a car wasn't sent for him so he had to walk from the West Village and thus he needed the scarf because it's cold. So dare I contradict this brazen beast? Yes, because what's he going to do shun me for my faux chicken salad not being very exciting a la Grayson in Top Chef: Texas?

As I said last week, I'm not going to be doing Top Chef recaps every week, but I do have some words for Tom regarding this weeks elimination. Click below to get my thoughts. (I don't want to ruin anything for those who have yet to watch their DVR recording.)

Josie DerbyFirst of all, I'm completely ecstatic with who went home. It was far past her time to go, bidding adieu to Josie needed to happen about five episodes ago. She should have never had the showdown at restaurant wars because she shouldn't have made it that far! In the ten competitions she competed in (not including the most recent elimination) she was in the bottom pile six times. Six times! 60% of the time her dishes failed and those other four times she wasn't at the top, she just wasn't acknowledged! She was never on the high end and never won a quickfire elimination, so what kept her around? Sheer luck, she was bad, but not the worst. 

So what's the beef with Colicchio if he sent home who I think he should have sent home? His reasoning. At judges table he repeatedly commented on how Josie never has enough time to finish her dishes. What I deducted from his decision on her ousting is that like in every competition she didn't have enough time to properly drain the grease and thus the greasy pool on the banana leaf is what sent her home. 

So the fact that she didn't have enough time to complete the dish is what sent her home, but last week when she didn't have enough time to complete her bouillabaisse (which Tom acknowledged at Judges's table this week) you sent Kristen home.

Where is the consistency in eliminations? What are you judging these dishes on? Adherence to the challenge? If that's the case then shouldn't Stephan have gone home for making chicken cordon bleu? 

I'm sensing that rather than let Josie skate by another week when she had a bad dish, but not necessarily the absolute worst, they decided to send her home because she doesn't fit the bill of a Top Chef finale contestant. The judges would rather send her home than two incredible chefs that made a womp womp (You can't send home Brooke, she's proven to be quite the culinary competitor and Stephan. Stephan! While Padma refers to him as a bullshitter, and his ego is highly inflated it's Stephan, he knows his stuff ). If that really is the reasoning, why not follow that reasoning last week when Kristen was on the block? You lost an amazing contestant only for Josie to go home the next week. Seeing Kristen compete against the likes of Sheldon and Brooke is what I want to see, not Josie frying chicken and make a pathetic looking salad. (Oh, and Oklahoma is welcome to go home any day now.)  

So while I'm happy to sing So Long, Farewell Auf Wiedersehen... to Josie, I expect a little more consistency in future eliminations. If you are going to eliminate based on accumulative performance than do so. If you're going to eliminate based on individual challenge, then do so. Just be consistent and inform the viewer! 


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