Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chobani: The Plot Thickens, Literally!

So yesterday the kids and I had no plans, our Wiggle and Giggles class was full and Mommy did not sign up quick enough and all our friends were in school or busy so we had nothing to do. I thought we'd go to the library and peruse some books. I detest (Everytime I hear that word it reminds me of my favorite line from my favorite book and movie, The Namesake, when Moushumi declares in her English accent, "I detest American television.." Again, I digress, I digress.) the library in our suburbia, adjacent big city neighborhood because the children's selection isn't the biggest. And it's not that close to us either so I decided to head out to the closest city library that I used to visit when I was young and single and unfortunately it was closed. Bambina was so excited about going to the library and reading books that we then went over to the closest county library, closed. Apparently Mommy doesn't check the internet and assumed that a government facility was opened on a Friday morning. Why on earth would she think that?

Since we were in the city, rather than go home, I decided to head over to H-E-B's higher end, organic, sister store, Central Market. There's only one located in our city and everything costs more, but they also have a lot of fresh foods and specialty items. Think Whole Foods, but owned by H-E-B. 

So we perused the store not anticipating on buying too much, but ended up with more than planned. I noticed that some things weren't more expensive than H-E-B and if it was it wasn't by much. I didn't want to head back to the grocery store again this weekend so I went ahead and picked up what I needed, which included some peach Chobani yogurt.

If you recall from last week, I made sure to shake the Chobani to ensure that it wasn't liquidy, but thick and creamy. So this morning, while feeding the kids I opened up my peach Chobani that I purchased yesterday and it was like tasting chocolate for the first time. It was so thick and creamy and for lack of any words, yummy. So damn yummy. It reminded me of the reason why I started eating Chobani in the first place.

So it begs the question, what happened to Chobani? I'm not the only one who has had Chobani thats lost it's thickness. My father once had a Chobani cup like this and has since stopped eating the yogurt. My brother just informed me this week that he also had a Chobani full of liquid and he doesn't even live in the same city as my Father and I! Has the Chobani Crisis gone nationwide? 

I do find it interesting that at H-E-B since a cup of Chobani has dropped to a $1.00 from $1.25 the yogurt is  not as thick. While at Central Market it is still a $1.25.  The yogurt at H-E-B isn't as bad as the handful that I got that were completely thin like regular yogurt, but still there tends to be a pool of water at the top. The Central Market yogurt I had was thicker than I have seen in months from H-E-B, absolutely no water! 

Is it because it costs more? Is it because it's more of a swanky store than my suburbia H-E-B so the goods are better kept? Or maybe it's just because it costs more? I'll gladly pay the $.25 more for thicker yogurt! Maybe. Possibly.

Talk to me people, have you experienced some of the Chobani cloudburst? 

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