Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

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I love Valentine's Day, just love it. I love the colors of the holiday, the heart shapes, the chocolate covered everything and of course the odd stereotypical Valentine teddy bear. Not sure how that came into the holiday, but I love them too. Why am I so obsessed with such a romantic holiday? Does hubby spoil me wtih candlelit dinners, walks on the beach and diamonds every year? No. I'm not one of those, and up until having kids I  always had the bitter sentiment of why do we celebrate this holiday, we should treat our loved ones with admiration and appreciation on the regular. Forget all that hoopla, as a mother I can now admit that I love the day. I love having another excuse to scour Pinerest for ideas on Valentine's for Bambina's friends. I loved picking out Valentine's gifts for Bambina's teachers at school. (Yes, I bought them chocolate!) And of course, dressing the kids up in pink, red hearts was the best. Yes, little Bambino was in a red sweater today, but I did buy it in the boys section of Crazy 8!

So whether you're celebrating the day like a sour lemon, having a romantic dinner with your partner or indulging in a rather large box of chocolate solo, enjoy your day! 


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