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Pregnancy Chic

Within the last decade I feel that pregnancy has become quite a fashion statement. Maybe it's because I have gone through two pregnancies in the last three years that I'm more aware of celebrity fashion, or maybe society is more fascinated with celebrity pregnancy. I believe it's the latter. I think with the advent of the Internet and between social media and reality television celebrities are much more accessible and thus we feel a more a part of their pregnancies and fascinated with how her highness-es will fair through their pregnancy. 

Granted, some things have been shown that just never needed to be. No, I'm not talking about Demi Moore's naked pregnant body on the cover of Vanity Fair, at least that was somewhat tactful, I'm talking about Kourtney Kardashian's morning sickness in the toilet on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami back in 2009. Be it pregnancy fashion, cravings, gender predicting and puke, sadly we're intrigued by it all. (Kardashians take Miami had high enough ratings to come back for a third season, so apparently people liked watching Morning Sickness Kourtney.) 

Between Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian both bearing royalty in their bellies, (You laugh, but I'm sure little Kimye will be gifted the crown jewels when he/she is born, it may be a diamond grill, but jewels none the less.) it appears that all I see plastered across the internet is what they are wearing. Ok, so I read a lot of US Weekly and Twitter online so that's all they are posting!

So I thought I'd take a walk down Pregnancy Fashion Lane and see what women have been and are wearing through pregnancies. Waddle with me, shall we?

Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge shows her pregnancy bump while shopping in London on Wednesday.
Kate Middleton
Kate truly epitomizes royalty, despite being a commoner. As for now, we haven't seen her pregnancy style except for this photo, she's a smart girl to hide the belly, who knows how much the first shots of her pregnant belly will go for! I love the shoes, trendy and lacking heel for pregnancy. I'm sure we'll be seeing some couture maternity for her, nothing from Motherhood Maternity, of course.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Leaves Her HomePregnant reality TV star Kim Kardashian wears a pink dress while her and boyfriend rapper Kanye West visit the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro
Kim Kardashian
She's only 4 months along and doesn't have much of a belly to show, but unfortunately her hips are expanding first. Must make it difficult to dress, but this is not the time to be flaunting her avant guard fashion style a la Kanye. I recommend her taking some tips from Kate, but then she wouldn't be representing what embodies the Kardashian empire, animal print, leather and cheapness.

Beyonce: Pregnant with First Child!
In honor of all things Beyonce post Super Bowl (Yes, there was a game, ladies. I'm so tired of women asking about the game that was going on before and after the Beyonce concert!) I thought we'd go back a year and look at B's style and I must say, gorgeous. Granted she's still early on in these photos when pregnancy is cute and fun, but she carried herself well til the end.

Jessica Simpson
First time around she forgot how to brush her hair and wasn't aware that when you're getting close to your due date, animal prints will just make you expand as well. Second time around she's a bit less... flamboyant (I don't know about the Golden Girls robe, though) and her hair is a little less unkempt?

Kristen Cavallari
I absolutely LOVED Kristen's pregnancy style. Between the Hills and Laguna Beach I was never a fan of her rough exterior and female repelling ways, but after seeing her down to earth personality on Watch What Happens Live! she won me over. (And LC lost me when she was on the show, she was such a typical girly girl concerned with her weight. But I digress as usual.) And then to see her pregnancy style, classy, stylish and comfortable the three rules to live by in pregnancy clothing, I fell in love with her fashion sense instantly.

Britney Spears
And we find ourselves with the worst dressed of pregnancy. I'm a rather conservative person and prefer to keep everything under wraps, so walking down the street with cowboy boots and a bare belly is never going to be ok with me, pregnant or not. And I'm not anti bikini belly, but two strategically placed flowers on a bikini top is a major no no, again pregnant or not.

Pregnant Natalie Portman
Natlie Portman
After the debauchery that was Britney Spears I felt we needed to end on a high note. Natalie graced her way through the last trimester of pregnancy looking beautiful. Granted, she was receiving award after award  for the movie Black Swan, regardless, her style was flawless.

I'm always fascinated by celebrity fashion because for the average woman, money hinders what they wear in pregnancy. You can't shell out money on a whole new wardrobe because what you buy at the beginning of the first trimester is not going to fit you when you walk into the delivery room. So you do the best you can and accessorize with what you've got. But celebrities on the other hand have the money to wear what they want rather than trying to squeeze into their jeans with that stupid belly band. So when their style is a miss, it's just a sad thing to see. Don't look bad wearing maternity Versace, people. Just because it has a runway label doesn't mean it looks good on you! 

Like I said before, the three rules of dressing in pregnancy are staying classy, stylish and comfortable, but above all, comfortable! Remember this, Kimmy, remember this. 

kim kardashian pregnant

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