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RHOBH: White Party Vogue

Whether you adore her luscious locks, tendency to do the tipsy splits and flare for middle age glitter or despise her for these reasons, you have to give the girl credit because she knows how to throw a party. Whether it's a seance, an eighth grade graduation or a cinco de mayo fiesta she brings out her jovial pal Glenn and makes it happen complete with a Fat Burger booth, an disinvite and a toss into the pool!

I love a Kyle Richards party, and in the past three years there have been quite a few. I've always felt bad for the neighbors, there's a slew of limos that pull up to the valet. A valet?! Where are they parking these cars? If I had a valet in my neighborhood they would have to park the cars at HEB, but would the valet guys run that far back to my house? I assume all of the neighbors would have to be invited otherwise wouldn't they call BH police with a noise complaint? And how is it there is no step and repeat? As fame seeking as most reality stars are, wouldn't it be the perfect chance to get more papparazzo there? I would assume the step and repeat would be a little better than the one at the Gorga Christmas party where there was a step and repeat board, but no photographers. So sad. 

And so it was the white party in season one that had me hooked to RHOBH. Granted, I thought it was a complete knock off of Puff Daddy's (What are we calling him these days?) Hampton's White party, but I could still appreciate it none the less, because I love breezy summer white attire. Summer shorts and skirts are my favorite. I had a short, frilly white skirt in college that I wore so much that I referred to it as my "going out" uniform. (I recently gave it to Goodwill, despite the fact I hadn't worn it in over five years!) And nothing gets me more giddy than a cute, white dress. I even thought of throwing my own white party but a.) most of my friends would laugh at me trying to emulate a D list celebrity and b.) majority of my friends have children under the age of five so I don't think that would end too well.

While the white party hasn't been as fun and lighthearted as it was in season one, thank you Maloof and Nassif, critiquing the fashion is still fun nonetheless. Some of the dresses are gorgeous, and others I think, why would you wear that when you can wear anything white?

So lets take a look at some of these white styles, shall we?

Brandi and Camille: Season 2
Both Brandi and Camille look impeccable. While the style is a bit too clingy for me, they both have petite frames so the fitted look is great.The longer dress on Brandi looks appropriate with her long legs, she should stray from the mini skirts more often. I'm not a fan of the print on both of their shoes, but I do like the silhouette and the lighter color. I abhor black shoes with white clothes. I love Brandi's large, gold earrings, but Camille's plastic, white earrings aren't working for me. Overall, A for both ladies.

Kyle Richards: Season 2
I don't care too much for Kyle's dress here. She's the host of the party, it's in her backyard she's going to be running around and greeting guests so I would have gone with something that wasn't going to trail behind her like a wedding dress. That's it! The dress is too similar to a wedding dress and the trick with nighttime, white dresses  is to find something that doesn't look too similar to a wedding dress. So fail. Also, I'm not a fan of her hair pulled back, but I do give her credit for the earrings!

Dana Wilkey White Party Dress 172x3001 RHOBH White Party Fashion
Dana Wilkey: Season 2
I know, I know Dana Wilkey and her $25,000 sunglasses wasn't well received, but I do like her dress. It's white, it's conservative yet fitted to the body to give it some party appeal. I would have bedazzled it with a large, colored and beaded necklace or some bam! earrings to stand out. She needs more contrast to the white, and the deep red lipstick doesn't count.

Lisa Vanderpump: Season 2
Lisa usually knows how to dress elegantly, stylishly and her age. And this is one of those times. I know it was hard from her to deter from the pink, but she knew how to keep her diamond style and also follow the theme of the party. And the hair and makeup is impeccable!

Taylor Armstrong: Season 1
Ok, try to avoid the sour look on her face and lets disect the outfit. The Farrah Fawcet hair is NOT working for her, but I do love the outfit. It's the perfect look for a first time white party attendee. She's thinking it's in my friend's backyards, but camera crews are going to be there so I'll just go simple with some funky jewelry to contrast the white. Done perfectly. If only I could see her shoes. I think camel wedges would have gone well.

Camille and Lisa: Season 1
Camille's dress was flawless in season one. It was representative of the style in 2010, ruffled, one-sleeved white dress. Ahh, my all time favorite. Beautiful chandelier earrings and conservative hair. Love it. Now Lisa on the other hand. I won't speak too badly because she really stepped it up in season 2, but the hair and dress is all wrong for her. And all that gawdy jewelry, she was looking more Maloof than Vanderpump.

Adrienne Maloof: Season 1
Speaking of Maloof, I kind of like Adrienne's dress, but I don't think it's appropriate for her or for a backyard barbecue. It's far too glitzy and glamorous and more appropriate for a Vegas party and someone much, much younger.

Adrienne Maloof: Season 3

So Adrienne looks better here, but she went to the opposite end of the spectrum. She needs some color or something sparkly against the white. Her dress is a bit casual and plain. Something you would wear to a tennis match, not a party. But I do give her credit for being more age appropriate. Close, but not quite.

Kim Richards Looks Stunning in White
Kim Richards: Season 1
As is a common theme in Beverly Hills, she's dressed too young. Firstly, the high pony tail should be reserved for working out once you're out of college. Secondly, the cut and material of the dress looks too bridesmaidish. In Season two she dressed more her age, but still with the ponytail! And is she wearing off-white?

Kim Richards: Season 2
Excited to party: Taylor and Russell Armstrong are excited to attend the white party and nervous about seeing Camille Grammer
Taylor Armstrong: Season 2
Despite getting kicked out of the party before even stepping her foot in the door, Taylor has to have one of the more memorable styles from all three white parties. I LOVE the statement peacock earrings, they go so well against the white dress. And the length of the dress contrasts well with all the exposure from the top and then throw in some frills and I'm in love. I also like the simple, sleeked back hair, juxtaposes the earrings nicely. Kudos to your stylist, Taylor. Too bad they wouldn't let you in!

Kyle Richards: Season 1
While I did like Kyle's dress, better than in last season, I didn't find it age appropriate at all, it was to short. I think were it knee length it would have been perfect. I like the fitted look and simple earrings and the breezy hair, but the length just isn't right.

And can we all acknowledge how cute Kyle's getting ready for a party dress she had on? It's a Lisa Rinna original from her line for QVC. And it's the second time this season Kyle has worn it, a housewife first! It slightly resembles a Mrs. Roper moo moo, but in trendy and modern fashion. And love that she had flip flops, her hair pulled back, sunglasses and no make-up with it! 

And where was my love, Yolanda? Have I professed my adoration with her and her shhhushing the other housewives?  No, I don't believe I have. The party was definitely missing a Dutch model who gets baby animal cells shot into her back and laments how she doesn't have enough money to buy her daughter three horses as opposed to just one. I think this dress in white would have been perfect on her!

OS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 10: Producer David Foster (R) and Yolanda Hadid arrive at the 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute to Paul McCartney held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 10, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

And now we must wait until next year, assuming Kyle is offered and signs her contract next year, to see more white party fashion. She needs a platform to advertise her store Kyle by Alene Too, so why not sign on for next year? Maybe she'll even have a section of the store dedicated to white party attire? You've got a love the pedal pushing products of Housewives. At least Kyle's clothing boutique is a little better than Cynthia Bailey's Moscato! 

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