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Shahs of Sunset: The Sophomore Slump Concludes

Shahs of Sunset Season Two Cast

Ok, so I'll admit, I watched Shahs of Sunset season one. And I liked it. Ok, I really liked it. I've admitted to a lot of other garbage that I've watched with no shame, so why should this show be any different? As an Indian American I enjoyed watching the second generation of another cultural group and their assimilation into America as adults when it came to friends, dating, education, etc. etc. And it was another Bravo reality show involving wealth, fashion, debauchery and mayhem so of course I loved it!

Reza FarahanNothing was better than a 40 year old gay man with a mustache working the press circuit, I loved it. And Tehrangeles was my jam, and Asa's producer Mr. Bunny was even my favorite character! People, what grown man is named Bunny? Excuse me, Mr. Bunny. Quincy Jones's grandson and Rashida Jones's nephew (I assume), is. The man is music royalty and yet he's producing for Asa! Where's the nepotism, people? And then you had the forbidden fruit of GG and Mike, and Mike had dated GG's older sister which conmpliquated (did you get the Lilly reference?) the situation even more. And Mohammed, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, known for his luxurious palace and the ex-husband of Yolanda Foster, made an appearance and brought out Mr. Hyde with his authoritarian work demeanor putting Sammy in his well needed place. It was your perfect reality dramedy, there was comedy, there was drama (Reza's tumultuous relationship with his father and grandmother was reality gold) and then the camaraderie. At the end of the day, despite only meeting during filming of the show they were all a lovey dovey family.

So when I heard that season two was green lit I was ecstatic! (Apparently I don't have better things to do.)  I felt that season one was too short so I was happy to see it come back. And Sammy was going to be gone but some new Persian Victoria Secret looking model named Lilly was going to appear. My hands rubbed together with thoughts of the cattyness that was to come. Sammy didn't add much except humiliate MJ by fixing her up with her ex-boyfriend because he claimed that no other men wanted to go out with her and then went on to tell his date how she would look even hotter if she worked out a little. While he tried to play the wounded bird while on WWHL it was to no avail. Cohen gave him the axe.

And so the season started and womp womp. What happened? From the get go the show was tepid, it lacked that jenna sais quoi that season one had. It took the inevitable turn down fauxreality lane and doing whatever was assumed needed to be done to bring ratings. And in the usual season two style, the ladies started getting their hair and make up done professionally negating the concept of reality.

So what exactly was it's downfall? So many, many things.

Pretty In PInk
Firstly, Asa had a complete lobotomy.  She was the lovable one in season one. She was like the under dog, the others had a tight bond and further bonded over ridiculing Asa. She was like Molly Ringwold in Pretty in Pink. She knew she was different and didn't care. She was proud of who she was. And she was sweet! Remember in Vegas when MJ was drunk and Asa took care of her, I wouldn't do that for my best friend! (You chose to get drink, so clean up your puke. I'm tired and going to bed.) And you really rooted for her and her music, even though she was a bit of a broke ass version of JLo with her talk-sing voice.

Asa Soltan Rhamati - Celebs at the Bravo 'Most Talkative' Event
And then all of a sudden she had a big ol' gulp of the ego kool-aid. Seriously, what was with the first episode and her losing the gig to the designer because she wanted too much money? And the gold coins under her house. And lets not forget the obvious, dating Jermaine Jackson Jr. I don't care for Ego Asa and she was a lot of what brought down the show. It was a classic case of fame erasing what it was that got you famous. And the whole diamond water concept was just embarrsing to watch. Did you see the water guy and the diamond guy laugh at her? Although, I have to admit, I kind of like her song, Whatcha know about gold? And at least she wears tennis shoes when she performs because she knows she can't sing and dance simultaneously! 

And then there was the new chic. At first I thought she was going to be Annoying Barbie, big hair, big eyes and big personality (No point in stating the obvious). And don't forget the high voice. She's from Texas so I definitely had to see how she was going to represent us (because God knows that Big Rich Texas isn't helping our image). I figured I would dislike her, but surprisingly I kind of liked her. Yes, she does have a bit of annoying voice and is obsessed with body image and makes swimsuits for a living, but I kind of liked her, professional hair and make-up and all! I can't explain it, there was something about her character that I didn't mind watching. When she was in Cabo with the others not drinking, whining about the heat and being referred to as a buzz kill and mom I felt like they were!  I think maybe her story is intriguing. Going from a strict, conservative background to a practicing lawyer to some sort of swimsuit lingerie hybrid designer. And then to hear the saga with her on and off boyfriend of ten years, she became the protagonist to the story. I want to know if her boyfriend came through on her ultimatum! But unfortunately she didn't blend in with the others. It wasn't like Asa in season one not blending in, this one was just worlds apart from the others, must be that Texan blood! (And I must say, I think she's much more beautiful without the makeup.)

Omid Kalantari and Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi on September 21, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (And where did GG go? GG was a bit on her own wavelength this year. Her anger issues were heightened by all her drinking. In every episode she was topping off a bottle of whiskey! Last season, you felt for her and her anger issues and her obsession with her knives. This season it was just old. Stop screaming at your pregnant sister and threatening to cut her face open. She was fighting with everyone and noone wanted to spend time with her thus cutting her out of a lot of episodes. And of course the faux relationship with Omid. That was blatantly fake, someone was vying for some facetime...ok, two people were vying for facetime. And then the supposed engagement they had last month and now the broken engagement for even more publicity? I guess she had to makeup for the lack of airtime by gaining attention somehow? (US Weekly had an article on the alleged engagment, so she got what she wanted.)

Overall the show was missing the familial bond it had in season one. Their celebreality status has taken their egos to another level and thus at the end of the day they couldn't fist bump it out and put their differences to the side. One guest spot on Watch What Happens Live! and it all goes downhill from there. The reunion is on next week and of course I'll still watch it, but just to say how much I don't like the show. 

Fingers crossed season two of Vanderpump Rules does not have the inevitable tumble off the pedestal! 


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