Thursday, March 14, 2013

Case Closed on the Chobani Crisis

Chobani Greek Yogurt - Best Healthy Snacks of 2012

If you recall, I've had quite the conundrum with Chobani yogurt. A few months ago I came across a Chobani yogurt that was far more thin and liquidy than Greek yogurt should be. I complained to Chobani and received some free coupons which I have since redeemed! (Thanks, Cho!) It wasn't enough that I was given compensation from the Greek yogurt giant, because it kept happening. Like a toddler questioning the world, I wanted to know why! I thought for sure it was because H-E-B had dropped the price to $1 that the quality had decreased because when I bought them at Central Market for $1.25 they were thick and creamy. And then I bought them at Kroger for $1.25 and they were at a thin consistency again. What was the dilemma?

And so I write this post with my tail between my legs. Here I was making accusations like the prosecutor of the man who spilled hot coffee on himself only to blame McDonald's for not being warned it was so hot. Yes, I was the reason for the thin yogurt. How, you may ask? Well, initially I questioned whether the issue was my fridge and whether it was getting cool enough. So my fridge is not on the fritz, but I did realize that when I put the yogurt in the fridge door, where there is a slot for soda cans, that's when they turn liquidy! I suppose the constant opening and closing affects the temperature making it lose it's thick, creamy consistency.

And so now, knowing that temperature affects the consistency, when I purchase Chobani I purchase cups from the back of the cooling shelf at H-E-B, I shake it to ensure you cannot hear movement and then I place it in the back of my fridge. I know it is cool enough back there because often times pudding and non-greek yogurt will come out with icicles. And now every cup of peach Chobani I consume comes out just as it's intended. It's like eating it for the first time all over again! 

And that, folks, ends the great Chobani Crisis of 2013.  So if you're having the same dilemma, check the temperature of where you're storing the Cho Cho! 



  1. Not so fast.. the chobani crisis is alive and well on their facebook page this very moment.. Looks like there is bad yogurt currently in stores, some are pulling it and others are not.. No official recall though..

    1. Thanks for the comment! Working on a new post about the crisis going strong. Good info on the FB page too.

  2. and research the McDonald's Hot Coffee case, the poor lady was burned all over her legs. McDonalds got off easy in the publicity for it. The coffee was in excess of 180 degrees F.

  3. Well who is stupid enough to put a hot cup of coffee between there legs.... People have no common sense.

  4. 4/16/16 I ran across this post searching for why my Chobani Greek yogurt is sometimes (like today) thin. This is an ongoing problem for me. I thought the same thing about the temperature but also ruled that out. Switching brands...

  5. Agreed. This has happened with Chobani and only Chobani. I switch all the time, buying whatever is on sale. Just ate plain WHOLE MILK Chobani greek yogurt and am responding here so I REMEMBER never to buy it again! This one was thinner than even ordinary zero calorie yogurt!
    Fage on the other hand has always been perfect. Better than eating ice cream.
    I'm pi**ed.