Friday, March 1, 2013

Kim Kardashian...Mommy Blogger?

Pregnant Kim Kardashian at Oscars

Kim Kardashian visits the Mario Testino's Gallery opening, February  23, 2013.For a woman who is only about four months pregnant and supposedly planning to keep the baby away from  the limelight (Thank you, Us Weekly, for the hourly Kardashian-West baby updates!) this unborn baby has already garnered a mass amount of paparazzi flutter. It's quite possible this baby will come into the world with her arms (Per the hourly update at 2 pm, February 20th, allegedly she's having a girl!) blocking her face from bright light of the delivery room. Seriously, every time I open Twitter, Us Weekly has posted another photo of a pregnant Kim Kardashian. Enough already. Granted, no one is twisting my arm to click on the link to Us Weekly and re-reading the same article that gets printed repeatedly along with a different photo of Kimmers, but it's much like driving past a fender bender, you just have to look. 

And so this week Us Weekly (yes, it's my very own New York Times) has changed their weekly article that matches the daily photo of Kim stating that Lady Kardashian has started her own mommy blog. Seriously? The woman is only four months pregnant, what is she going to blog about being a mother? In my first pregnancy, and in the first few months, I was mainly concerned with keeping food down and concealing my pregnancy until hitting the three month mark. 
Brody Jenner and Kim Kardashian in Studio City, California on February 21, 2013.So what is she blogging about? Yes, you guessed it. It's about herself, not about motherhood. She's using this mommy blog not to discuss the nausea, the gas pain, the constant runs to the bathroom, how she will manage work and motherhood or the fears of the unknown in the delivery room. Oh no, she's discussing how to dress in the early stages of pregnancy, specifically how much she loves her J Brand maternity jeans.

 Ok, that's fine. You can get your assistant to dumb down her writing skills to emulate you blogging about your profession, fashion, but please do not call this a mommy blog and offend all the mother's out there that are blogging about the love, humor and struggles of a being a mother when you are merely writing a two paragraph blurb about J Brand maternity jeans in return for an endorsement check.
Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Kim Kardashian

If you'd like to continue your obsession with self Blackberry photography, then please do, you've obviously  created a multi-million dollar empire based on this, but please, take the title mommy off of it. Pregnancy Blog? Yes. Maternity Fashion Blog? Even better. But lets be honest, the styles she does wear are so avant guard and non-maternityesque, who would want to wear those clothes? Again, she does have a massive twittter following. Does this mean we will soon see a slew of polka dotted peplum pants marching through maternity wards near you? 

Pregnant Kim Kardashian all dressed up for a photoshoot in Los Angeles, California.


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