Saturday, March 23, 2013

Now Men are Going Louboutin Crazy Too?

Perhaps I'm behind with the fashion times, ok, so I'll admit, I am. And maybe men have been wearing Louboutins for some time now. But to give myself credit, I never did delve into the red soled, $1000, Housewives/C-list celebrity requisite shoe. I find the shoe to be just another branding scheme and to be seen with the luscious color pertruding from your heel was meant to be worn in a state of status. Apparently, by wearing these shoes it meant you had the money to wear said shoes or you had the means of getting your hands on a fake. (I.e. painting the soles of your Steve Madden look-a like pumps.)  Similar to hypercolor shirts in the 80s, are Louboutins of today (At least on my elementary school scale). Seriously, what was the point of those? In the 4th grade it meant you had parents that would splurge on an expensive shirt. Can you sense my bitterness for never getting one? 

And so of course I was watching a Bravo show, the Shahs of Sunset Reunion, where Cohen acknowledged Mike following in Reza's footsteps of wearing Louboutins. Ok, no shocker. Reza is basically a Housewife in a Persian, gay man's body. Let's be honest, he goes around spouting dialogue from the show and exudes jealousy of Lilly Ghalichi's thin, rich body and he loves that about himself. So him wearing Louboutins is no surprise. And Mike isn't cut too far from the same cloth, so him and his metrosexually coiffed self wearing male red soles is also no surprise.

It wasn't until I was watching Timberweek on Jimmy Fallon where I realized that the red sole craze had gotten out of control. Justin Timberlake was wearing Louboutins! Granted, JT has been known to wear some really crazy stuff in his boy bander days or Britney Spears days. 

Hollywood's Best & Worst Red-Carpet Moments
Justin Timberlake 90s
But I thought that after marrying Jessica Biel, the oh so elegantly chic dresser, she would be able to teach him that the two are at a status in which they don't need to wear items of clothing that scream, "I have money and I'm famous!"

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have reportedly had their relationship head a bit south.

Justin Timberlake Married

It was during Justin and Jimmy's History of Rap Part 4 performance when...wait. Did you catch that? If not, it's a must.

Ok, so now that that well deserved sidebar is over, at the very end of the performance when the two climb up the stairs to go into the crowd (Did I mention that Hubby and I watched a live taping of the Jimmy Fallon Show years ago? Too bad we weren't there for this performance, I could have been on tv!), that's when I saw the flash of red on JT's shoes and my obnoxious epiphany came about.

If Louboutins for men really are a fad or status symbol, if the likes of Bravolebrities are wearing said shoe, shouldn't it be too passe for an A-list star like Timberlake? Shouldn't he be on to the next big fashion status symbol shoe? I can't even name the designer that would be because it would be so ahead of fashion time that even this Target wearing alleged fashionista wouldn't know about it! 

So then I thought I'd check out what other men wear Louboutins? 

Pharrell Christian Louboutin Louis Studded Sneakers

Kevin Hart

Justin Bieber

Lil Wayne

I think these celebrities further prove my point, no? I thought Justin Timberlake was further along the fashion evolution spectrum, but no he's right at the midpoint, where all the plebeians get their fashion mandates.

And so now it appears that men do not want to be left off the red bandwagon, they too need to bling out their shoes and what better way to do it than with a status symbol shoe? Let's be honest, it's better than watching them walk around in Herve Leger bandage pants, right?

Hervé Léger 

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