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Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2: A Literal Snoozefest

The Shahs of Sunset Reunion: Part 1

I think we have an epidemic on our hands. Reality shows going down the fiction route in hopes of garnering better ratings, so producers take average Joe people and get them to exaggerate their lives. The only problem is that these average Joes can't act and receive no direction and thus exaggerating their lives comes off as a mockery of skill that takes much talent and dedication. Sunday night's reunion show was representative of this. It was a season's worth of fake stories culminating in the worst, fictional confrontations I've ever seen. I can't even muster the energy to put together a full recap because it was a waste of my time to slap the word reality on this show, which is why I'm so late in my reaction to the reunion.

reza-mj-mike-shahsFirstly, enough with the MJ bashing. If MJ and Reza have been friends for twenty years, why is he going after her on national television? Because she's an addict and prefers to stay in her bubble of denial he needs to berate her to the point of outing her past felony record? (And her boyfriend, the Persian Drake?!) Not only outing her, but accusing her of something she wasn't even charged on?! I can't believe that MJ wasn't involved in this staging, because she did not once go for the jugular with him. I'm sure he has a plenitude of skeletons in his closet that could be further outed, but she never once went there. She only defended herself and in the end she cried with Reza in hopes of making peace. And then last week the two were seen together, having reconciled? According to Reza's twitter he claims the two were working on their friendship. Can Stassi please give MJ a little piece of her backbone? 

Either it's all real, or Reza actually is pretending to be ass letting out all of his best friends secrets and MJ is pretending to be an alleged addict who barely has the capabilities to defend herself. Either way makes for bad television. Seriously Reza, be careful because Jill Zarin can tell you how a faux feud completely backfired on her, lost her job on Housewives and basically lost the love of the public. Reza Jun, you really are just a cut out of a Zarin Fabric, aren't you? Tweeting reconciliation photos of you and MJ will not erase Shahs of Sunset reunion footage that will air for a lifetime. (We all know how Bravo likes to rerun their shows over and over and over again.)

Omid Kalantari and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi attend the 6th Annual Eco Emmys Celebrity Chateau on September 21, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
And the second large outing of the night was the supposed engagement of GG and Omid, yes the man whose nose Asa covets. According to GG's twitter page and US Weekly (I'm starting to feel that US Weekly merely reviews twitter everyday and reports on reality star tweets.), GG was briefly engaged and then disengaged. Mike chimes in stating it was all a hoax. Really? Did we need need the pink elephant to fart? We all know it's there, no need to waste time acknowledging itself anymore. Seriously, GG alienated herself from the group with her over the top anger issues that in order to grasp for more attention and time on the show she created a faux-lationship that only busted in her face. And where was this Omid? Why was he not at the reunion? Wouldn't he be considered a "Friend of the Shahs."  Did the producers feel his acting chops were far too inadequate for the reunion show? Good to know they have some discretion.

And that's about all I can stomach to write about in the reunion. And in all honesty, that's about all that I can remember, the rest was just the usual mindless chatter mixed in with a bit of snacking of the food props. Which apparently were not made out of clay, as I had imagined. I'm impressed they had enough control to not eat anymore! Lilly, not so surprised. 

Shahs of Sunset Season 1 - It_s My Birthday Bitches - Photo Gallery - Bravo TV Official SiteNext week is the Lost Footage special, fingers crossed it has more of the Vegas debauchery that initially drew us into the Shahs as opposed to the nose pointing and hypocritical fakeness allegations we've seen all season. Despite all my annoyances I'll probably still watch, but don't think I won't be wearing my cynicism hat, it usually comes out season two of any reality show. Ahh, if we could only go back to the good old innocent days of season one of Real Housewives of OC before Lauri married moneybags George and Vicki was blissfully living with Don and Jeanna's underhanded, snide comments were actually just a quirky part of her personality. And now we're left with reality shows on steroids with competing accusations and product endorsements. Perhaps this new crop of reality shows will be refreshing? Doubtful, I'm anticipating a line of Self Medicating Moscato from one of the characters of LA Shrinks. 
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