Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yoga for the Warrior: Another Bob Harper Review

You may be thinking I'm a little obsessed with Bob Harper considering all the DVD's of his I've purchased, but I find his workouts to be rigorous so I thought why not purchase his yoga DVD as well? I've never attended a yoga class before. Always been too embarrassed with my lack of flexibility and basically just insecurity of looking like a fool next to all the yogis in the class. I once attended a step aerobics class where I had to leave after about 12 minutes because I could not keep up with the choreography and the glamorous male instructor did not make any effort to teach the routine. And it didn't help that all the retired women of the community, who were well adept at the class, were stepping that day, only to make me even more embarrassed. I worried that I was going to look like Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall in a yoga class. I feared the instructor would notice my limitations and encourage me to stay in child's pose the whole time!

It was after my Sweet Pea was born, three years ago, that I went into my home workout craze and came across Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown on ExerciseTV. At the time I was slowly easing into exercise post delivery so I thought yoga would be a great way to go.  I had very little experience with yoga other than the yoga workout in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and since I had gotten hooked to JM's 30 Day Shred, I thought this would be perfect. I really enjoyed the workout, she took basic yoga moves and put a JM spin on it to make it more rigorous. Since it wasn't as intense as Shred (she doesn't do the moves for that long and thus the burn isn't too intense), I found myself doing the workout on a rest day or when I was having aches in pains. From there I started doing other yoga workouts on ExerciseTV and really enjoyed the stretch it had on my body, and how much those sun salutations really worked out my arms!

And so after I got the Bob Harper Workout Collection I went researching other of his workouts and came across a review for his Yoga DVD. I read  that the workout was in typical BH form, intense and leaves you sweating. So I just had to get it! And get it I did.

So none of the moves were foreign to me, because of all the yoga workouts I have done from my living room, but the workout really pushes you hard. Not quite the hardest yoga routine I've ever done, that would be reserved for an ExerciseTV yoga workout that is lost in space since I can no longer access it. (Unfortunately, it's not one of the videos that other ExerciseTV allies have posted on you Tube!)

The DVD starts out with stretching and moves quickly into planks and sun salutations and chataranga push ups. He has it all in there, standing splits, warrior one, two and three, triangle pose, tree pose, lunges in warrior one and more and more. My arms and legs got quite the workout.

I really appreciated how not intimidating the workout was. He has two hard care yogi women in the front, and a big, as in muscular, guy in the back who lacked the grace and finesse as the women, yet showed no hesitation when going into awkward airplane. It was encouraging to hear Bob repeatedly say that even though Big Guy wasn't as flexible as the girls and had to modify he was getting the same workout as the ladies since he was pushing just as hard. It made me feel good to know that even though I cannot do a standing split (or maybe even a standing perpendicular), I was still getting a workout since I was pushing myself to the limit.

The only drawback to the video is that at around 20 minutes left he goes down into mat work. He does some ab work, but mostly stretches. I would have preferred that he reserved most of those 20 minutes for abs and then less of stretching. He does have a separate 15 minute ab workout on the DVD and I think that next time I do the workout I might stop it at 20 minutes left and move over to the ab workout. (He does do a cool down stretch at the end of that workout.) Granted, the stretching is really good and for a light workout day this is perfect because the feeling on the body afterwards is amazing. So I definitely recommend you try it out! 

Overall, I must say I'm glad I invested in this DVD. Now, if you're looking for a true, authentic yoga DVD that teaches how to quiet the mind and focus on breathing, this is not for you. If you're looking for a yoga DVD that is focused on being an intense exercise routine, then this is for you. I've been searching for a yoga workout to do on the regular that fits that bill and this is definitely it. It challenged my body yet also really stretched it out (not just the specific stretching portion) all while not coming across as intimidating, as many yoga workouts do. And best of all, I can do it in the privacy of my home so nobody can see my tendency to fall into shivasana when the chataranga push ups beat up my arms.

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