Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brothy Chinese Noodles: Redemption!

If you recall my post back in January, I made Brothy Chinese Noodles for Hubby and he devoured it! He said something along the lines of it tasting like high brow Top Ramen. So while it was quite pleasing to the palette the aesthetics of the dish did not quite meet the same standards.

So here is what the dish is supposed to look like:

Brothy Chinese Noodles

And here is what my dish looked like:

I was a little embarrassed to post the photo on my blog and even hesitated to do so, but since Hubby liked it so much I thought I should go ahead and just bite the bullet. Isn't that what blogs are about? The good, the bad and the ugly? And this photo truly epitomizes the ugly.

And so I decided to make this dish again last night, since it was such a big hit. Except this time I actually followed the recipe and when it said to use 8oz of noodles, I did so rather than the full package of 10oz which was why the dish looked like a bloated bowl of noodles.

And the results? A thing of beauty. By following the directions, my dish actually looked similar to the one in the recipe!

Voila! How gorgeous is the dish? And notice the Asian inspired bowls? So much more fitting, no?

Oh, and please view the dish at another angle, still so beautiful, no?

Not only was the dish visually pleasing, but I left out the heat and my Sweet Pea ate a helping plate full! She didn't care too much for the bok choy so I took out the big pieces and she ate the noodles with pieces of bok choy smacked to it. And even Bambino ate small pieces of noodles and bok choy! 

While I didn't eat the soup, I did try it before adding the meat and it was really good! The flavor of the bok choy was amazing, it captured the flavors from the broth, yet still was a bit crunchy. I think I may make a vegetarian version of this dish with vegetable broth and no meat and maybe some more vegetables. 

Overall, last night's dish far exceeded expectations. Not only was it photogenic, but it was eaten by Hubby and the kids! It was like Christmas in April.


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