Saturday, April 20, 2013

Embracing a Workout with the Kiddos

If you recall my post from earlier in the week, I've been struggling to get a workout in without the kiddos jumping and yelling around me in glee. This past week wasn't too bad as the kids slept until 6:30 or 7, thus not making it too bad. Well, this morning I decided to stay in bed a little longer and woke up with the kids and so I knew that a rigorous workout was not on the horizon, and that's ok. What I realized is rather than get frustrated that I can't get in an uninterrupted workout, embrace the fact that my children are happy and wanting to be with me. Soon enough there will be a time that when they are too embarrassing to be around Mom and I will be begging them to spend some time with me!

So I decided to set up my workout so Sweet Pea could do it with me. I put it in the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout which requires a chair (for the leg work), weights and a yoga mat. If you can see from the above photo, I put out a chair for Sweet Pea, made weights out of blocks and her own mickey mouse cup full of water where she insisted on refreshing her mouth every time I did.

And what do you know, since I wanted her to join me in the workout, she wasn't as interested! She would play around with all the toys scattered about, but quickly got bored of the workout. Midway through Bambino was hungry so I took a break to feed him breakfast only for Sweet Pea say she was ready for breakfast part two (she had already had a bowl of cereal). And so I fed the two of them and went back to my workout.

Sweet Pea enjoyed doing the arm work with me (even though she would come in and out of the room), it looks odd with hands flailing around and she loved it! When I used the weights she immediately picked up hers as well. While the mat work was a little difficult with Sweet Pea wanting to play horsey while I was working my legs, it wasn't too bad. In the cool down Sweet Pea followed along with me insisting she do the stretches that she does in her Wiggles and Giggles class.

So you know what, it's ok if I don't get a a perfect, hour long uninterrupted workout everyday. Going into a workout with the expectation that the kids will be jumping on me and requesting cheerios, milk or a trip to the potty makes the inevitability of it happening a lot easier.

While I say this now, tomorrow I just may go into the study and lock the doors to do a workout while the kids spend quality time with Daddy!

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