Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Juicin' Things up in my Cheap-o Juicer

The word juice rings loud and clear in my daughter's ears. I could be having a conversation with someone about steroids for all she knows, but she hears the words juice and instantly images of Capri Suns and birthday cakes come to mind. I don't keep juice in the house, and if I do it's leftovers from a birthday party or a play date. To me, juice is part of the food pyramid where it says to Use Sparingly. It's not a necessity and contains a vast amount of sugar and no nutrients and thus I don't give it to her on an everyday basis because I'd much rather her drink water and milk. But at the same time, I don't won't to completely avoid it from her diet, it's sweet and she likes it so I don't want to forbid her from it, it's just something that she's given as a treat like at a birthday party or a play date.

And so when my Sweet Pea was younger my mother had mentioned to me that I should make fresh juice at home so that she could get the nutrients of fresh fruit and vegetables without all the additives. Genius, I thought! And so I ventured to Wal-mart to see what I could find, because I refused to spend $500 on a Vitamix juicer. What if she didn't even like the fresh juice? All that money wasted! (Even if she did like it, I don't think I would spend that much money, even on one of Macy's 10 semi-annual sales of the year it would be too expensive.)

So on to Wal-mart I went where I saw a Black & Decker juicer for about $19.99. Nice! I immediately bought it and went home to make some juice. And of course Sweet Pea slurped up the orange juice faster than the time it took me to peel the oranges!

But the excitement was short lived and then the juicer went into hibernation. I hated washing all the pieces all for one small glass of orange juice that took me too long to make. And then I got pregnant and had no time to do much of anything and Sweet Pea was lucky to even get a glass of milk. (Ok, I exaggerate. Don't go calling social services.)

And so the juicer emerged from hibernation a couple of months ago. We were at my parents house where my dad was making fresh orange juice out of their fancy pancy juicer and both kids couldn't get enough. And so the guilt set in and I pulled out the juicer and made some fresh orange juice and threw in a carrot. When Sweet Pea saw me do that she instructed me not to, but I did anyways and she loved it. Now she asks for orange-carrot juice! (Side note: baby carrots come out much sweeter than regular sized carrots, but somehow Sweet Pea hasn't noticed.)

And so I make the juice quite often, as much as a pain as it to peel all the oranges and the kids finish the juice  in half the time it takes me to make it, it's still worth it since they love it so much and it so healthy for them. Oh, and I dump all the pieces in the dishwasher. Not sure if it's dishwasher safe, but it only cost me $20, I can just by another one if it does ruin!

Oh, and you may be wondering about the quality of the juicer since it was so cheap. I really have no complaints, it does it's job, but the only thing is that the cup that juice gets poured into is not attached, it is just placed at the spout, so if you're not paying attention it could easily not be lined up and juice will get on your counter (And you will scream in horror because all the hard work you've done to peel those oranges and the juice gets wasted ). Other than that, worth the $20 bucks! Especially considering the kids are pleasantly enjoying a glass of fresh Cutie juice (Kind of reminds me of Sunny Delight. Does that even exist anymore?) with some banana oat muffins as I write this. Scratch that, here come the screams...

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