Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kickin' it Old School with Step Aerobics

Sure, go ahead and laugh at me.  Yes, I'm so desperate for variability in my workouts that I partook in a 1980s workout video, but my butt and calves are killing me right now so maybe you shouldn't be so judgmental!

BOSU Balance Trainer: Commercial Bosu BallSo a couple of years ago Hubby got me a bosu ball for my birthday. I was pregnant at the time, so perhaps it  was a hint of what needed to occur post pregnancy? No, actually I had been alluding (ok, maybe blatantly) to the fact that I wanted a bosu ball at home for after the baby gets here so I could workout from home. Apparently my hints came through loud and clear so I got a bosu ball! It came along with a workout DVD that I disregarded and threw to the side.
Well, the other day the kids were digging through the DVD cabinet and pulled out almost every DVD we own. And so as I was cleaning up I came across the bosu workout DVD. I decided to throw it in out of curiosity to see what was on it. It had an ab workout, some type of yogaesque on the bosu workout, total body workout and a cardio workout. I decided to try out the cardio workout. It looked pretty good, the trainers seemed to work up a sweat and so I did the workout. Wow! It was some serious high impact cardio! It had my heart rate so high and sweat dripping down my face. It was a great workout up until the second section. Apparently the trainer's flamboyance came out and he started throwing out names of dance moves and I embarrassingly had trouble keeping up. Can someone please tell me what a mambo sashay is exactly? At times I just started doing jumping jacks or running in place because I was unable to dance to any of the choreographed movements.

And so I've realized that the bosu ball can double as a step! I had opened the door to a new set of workouts! And so I woke up ready to workout early this morning and was initially going to do a Bob Harper workout, but instead thought I'd go with a step aerobic video. I went straight to you Tube and found two full workouts. I chose the shorter of the two (47 min) just in case I was getting myself in too deep.

The workout is entitled the Reebok Step Workout DVD and is hosted by the alleged founder of the step revolution, Gin Miller. (I say alleged because just because it says it on you Tube doesn't necessarily mean it's true.) The location of the workout appears to be in the basement of Edward Norton's house in Fight Club. And why are the musicians caged? 

If you look past the production value. And it is bad. The trainer is not speaking while working out, but narrating. I realized this because what she says doesn't always match the movements. It's very dark and the camera angles are horrendous. And I think they were trying to take a cue from Max Headroom because they literally have a talking head on television which I think is supposed to be a close-up of the trainer? But she doesn't match the movements of the trainer. Weird. 

MaxheadroomMpegMan.jpgStep Reebok The Video

Ok, yeah. So if you look past the production value, it was actually a great workout! I never really felt that any muscles were sore or aching (while doing the workout, afterwards was a different story), but it got my heart rate high and sweat was dripping off of me, more so than with the mambo sashay workout! The movements don't look that hard, but the up and down really gets your heart rate going. And to not leave out the arms there are plenty of arm movements in there and you could easily add on light weights if you feel it was too easy. At the end of cardio she does some push-up and crunches which was a great way to bring down the workout

So while it was a little hard to follow what they were doing, it was an amazing workout! I think if I do the workout a couple of more times, I'll get the moves down. (Have you comprehended the fact that choreography and me don't mix?)  And so now I shall scour you Tube for more free step aerobic workouts specifically those that do not look like the set up for MTV's 1990 show The Grind. It's a great mix to add to the workouts I have!      

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