Sunday, April 14, 2013

Squeezing in a Workout with the Kiddos

So normally my allotted workout time is early in the morning. I wake up at 5am, quickly brush my teeth, wash my face and get into my workout gear and then ten minutes later I've got the DVD player on and the warm-up has begun. After 45 minutes to an hour of exercise I cool down on my yoga mat while watching the local ABC news for a 10 minutes then on to the shower. Shortly after the kids are awake and the day has begun. My workout is complete in peace and quiet. Granted, there have been times when the kids woke up early or when Bambino was still waking up at 5 for a quick feed and then back down to sleep until seven in which case I still had my workout peace.

Well, in this past week such has not been the case. Both kids were waking up at my designated workout time! And thus my workout turned into mommy and kiddo workout unintentionally! Toys were scattered all around me and sometimes on top and under me! The hot dog dance was competing with the sound of Bob Harper counting down jumping lunges.

The photo above is the scene from Saturday morning. Rather than wake up at 5am and do a 15 minute workout until the kids wake up, I just slept until 5:45 when Bambino woke up, and shortly after my Sweet Pea was up, and decided to workout after both kids had their breakfast and Hubby could keep an eye on them.

Well, unfortunately the iPad is on the fritz and I was desperate to do some of Casey Ho's blogilates workout off of her youTube channel and so I had the brilliant idea of working out in the living room (with the kids around) with the large desktop on full display.  Hubby warned me that would be a bad idea and that I should go into the study, close the door and do a workout on DVD in peace (Since the iPad speakers were busted. Too much cranking Sesame Street videos, I know). But I thought, oh no, it's fine. The kids will just  move around me and watch television.

Big mistake. Hubby was right. (Did I really just type that out? Aren't wives not supposed to admit that? Or maybe it's the other way around.) While yes, I did workout with them around me this past week, but it's pre-breakfast and they aren't at full energy capacity and usually the tv will keep them entertained or I can put Bambino in the exersaucer or jumper.

Such was not the case Saturday morning. Bambino kept crawling to me and using my body to cruise on as I was in plank and down dog. When I was doing pull pull switch, Bambino tried to get in there and do some pulls on my leg as well. And when Sweet Pea saw the yoga mat go down, it was on like Donkey Kong. During push ups she likes to either lie under me (defeating the exercise) or sit on top of me and yell horsey. You may say that it just added to the workout, but no, I physically cannot do a push up with her on my back!

And so this morning I listened to Hubby and went to the study, closed the doors and did a workout all while hearing the kids yell and Hubby threatening time outs.  But the work week starts tomorrow and no Hubby to watch the kids for me!

So Mommies out there, please tell me how do you squeeze in a workout with the kiddos?

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