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TBS, Please Bring Mad About You Back to Syndication!

To know me is to know my obsession with Bravo and Housewives. If you read my blog, then you're very well of this fact and how I've had numerous failed attempts at Bravo sobriety. But pre- Andy Cohen I did watch sitcoms and dramas (And The Real World. Come on, are you really surprised?) and I feel that there aren't good, quality shows like there were back in the day. (That or the fact that I can't appreciate television if over aged, alleged wealthy women aren't arguing over semantics) One of my favorite shows that I loved to watch was Mad About You, the original 30 something group of friends living in New York City, at least for my generation of tv viewing. (Not Friends, Friends is actually a spin-off of Mad About You! Kind of, I'll get to that.)

So Mad About You centers around Paul and Jamie, a newlywed couple living in Manhattan (The Upper West Side I believe.) and their bevy of friends and family. Paul is a filmmaker who had a tendency to wear his pants too high on his short torso. Jamie is a public relations executive who knows she's not the reacher of the relationship and subtlety makes it known. Paul's cousin Ira is Robin to Paul's Batman. (There were two actors who played Ira, but it wasn't like a Darren Stevens-Bewitched switcheroo, but rather one Ira in the first couple of episodes and then a recast.) He's your typical sleezy New Yorker who you grow to love. Lisa is Jamie's sister who is a whiny, lazy mess who you never grow to love. And then Fran is Jamie's ex-boss who brings some enlightenment to Jamie along with her Goofy husband. (Yes, I capitalize Goofy because Mark Devanow greatly reminds me of the canine character.)

The show is cute and quirky with the oddest, silliest and menial story lines that come together for a grade A production.

But don't think reality television was missing from this show, oh no. As a filmmaker, Paul was producing documentaries, he was the original producer of the close-up interviews in his pieces. And then there was the episode where Paul and Jamie had cameras installed in their house to produce a documentary based on their everyday lives. Unlike the slew of reality stars nowadays, they refused to put anything embarrassing on television, as seen with how many times Paul yelled cut and they started over again. The funniest being when Jamie pulled out a coffee filter from the trashcan to use again since they were out of fresh ones only to blame Paul on camera.

And the fashion, or lack thereof. On a television show today a PR executive living in Manhattan would be adorned in the most fashionable and expensive clothes from Giuseppe Zanotti to Zac Posen, but not Jamie Buchanan, she was no Samantha Jones, she wore the most simple of clothes, like her khaki pants and oversized blouse uniform. There is even an entire episode revolving around how she went shopping and got an extra shirt in her bag when she left only for that shirt to be cursed when worn. Who would ever get an extra pair of Louboutin's in their bag by accident? No one. Goes to show she's not shopping at high end stores!

And then the whole episode about Paul wanting to invest in a virtual reality program and they actually test out the software. Oh how technology has come so far, but meeting a long haired, virtual Andre Agassi is still pretty impressive to me!

Oh, and the whole episode where they go searching for Clemenza's or Clemente's Clams only to find that the restaurant had closed and reopened a post around the corner from their house! Why can't that happen to me out in the 'burbs? I'm really tired of Pei Wei, people.

And lets not forget the Yoko Ono episode where they are invited to a party at her house only to show up a day early with no one there to end the episode playing on John Lennon's piano, I think.

This show is really not appreciated for what it was, instead TBS plays episode after episode of Big Bang Theory and Friends. Friends! So Phoebe's twin sister Ursula was a somewhat regular on the show, she played the aloof waitress at the deli they always frequented whose twin sister went off to co-star in her own show right after Mad About You. Ursula was quite different from Phoebe, yes she was odd and spacey, but lacked any affect. In Friends you loved Phoebe for being a space cadette, but on Mad About You Ursula  was just the obnoxious waitress who could never get your order straight.

And so TBS, I beg of you. Why not wedge in some Mad About You episodes? You aired Brian Austin Green's horrible show The Wedding Band, but you can't put on some good, quality programming?

Or maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here? Maybe it's Nick at Nite or TV Land that should be playing this older sitcom? While initially it was shocking that shows of my generation were making appearances on a network that played 60s and 70s shows, but I've come to terms that I am getting older and that I Nick at Nite isn't solely for shows that first appeared prior to my appearance in the world. That and the fact that sitcoms from my youth are considered old.

Regardless of who wants to air it, someone please! You're probably thinking I should just by the DVD collection, but it's not the same. Oh how I love to flip the channel and come across a favorite episode of one of my favorite shows, it's like finding some leftover Halloween chocolate in your pantry, such an unexpected surprise.

Maybe I should start an online petition. It worked for Veronica Mars and I don't want a movie, just to watch reruns of a television show!

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