Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Bathing Suit Hunt Concludes!

If you recall my post from early on in March, I've currently been on the hunt for a bathing suit for the swim season. The hunt was daunting and took a meandering detour, but I think we found my pot of gold under the red bulls eye. Let me explain...

So about a month ago a girlfriend and I went shopping where my main mission was to find a bathing suit, but unfortunately the swimwear gods weren't working with us. Initially we went to JCrew where my friend highly recommended buying a bathing suit, but they informed us that bathing suits were not in yet. What? This is TX people, we are ready for bathing suits! And then we went searching for Swim n' Sport, but they were closed for renovations! So then we finally made it to Everything But Water. It wasn't as big as the location in another part of town and the selection didn't appear that huge, but it will do.

Thanks to my friend who has a keen eye for finding bathing suits, from what I thought wasn't a big selection turned into a dressing room filled with bathing suits to try on! Seriously, I was in there for quite some time.

Here's some of what I did try on...

Bandeau Tankini Top

I thought that since I have a short torso the tankini would come down to the bottoms, and that was a negative. Far too much exposure for me. Becca by Rebecca Virtue

Classic Bra Tankini Top

Cute, but not cute on me. Tommy Bahama

One Piece Tank

Tried this on in coral, it just wasn't flattering. Next! Carmen Marc Valvo

One Piece Lingerie Strap Tank

Another one that just wasn't flattering. Bleu Rod Beattie

Classic Bra Tankini Top

I almost  purchased this tankini, but ultimately I felt it was too similar to my maternity, ruffle one. Magicsuit by Mraclesuit

Magicsuit by Miraclesuit Swimwear Leah One Piece U/W Bandeau

And ultimately this is what I went home with. It was the first suit my eye was drawn to. I loved the color and fit. And don't worry, it had a strap to make it a halter!  Magicsuit by Miraclesuit

I was all excited about my purchase, until I went home to try it on again. Could it actually be that it looked better in the bright mirrors at the store and not as flattering in my own mirror?! Apparently such was the case. So on the next trip to the mall, I returned the bathing suit. Womp womp. Back to square one.

So Friday I was in Target with the kiddos returning a belt I mistakenly bought (don't ask) and as I was schlepping the kids over to the return counter, from the corner of my eye I spotted a blue, peplum tankini! Could it be? A bathing suit that meets all my expectations and at Target which means at a reasonable price?! 

And so by the time I made it over to that section I quickly picked it up and eyed it. Hmm, is it long enough to cover the tummy? What size should I get? I had two kids with me and a cart full of junk so I was not interested in going to the dressing room to try it on and so I took a gamble and bought it. If it doesn't fit, I can always return it on one of my frequent jaunts to Target.

And so I went home and the swimwear gods were on my side. It fit! It fit! It really fit! I was a little shocked by the price for a Target bathing suit, $24.99 for the top and $14.99 for the bottom. Really, you're a Target Juniors bathing suit and you're going to cost me $45? Oh well, it's a fraction of the cost of the original bathing suit and it fits! A rarity in bathing suits.

So for those of you on the quest for a bathing suit this summer, keeps your eyes and pocket books open, you never know where the perfect one will jump out at you! 

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  1. hi, i want to know what size you bought cause im thinking to buy it