Friday, May 24, 2013

And the Moccasin Color Is...

If you read my post last week, you are aware of my life threatening struggle to choose a color for a pair of C Wonder moccasins I wanted to buy. (Hey, this blog isn't about hard hitting news stories, sippy cups, snacks and shoes are my worries.) I had posted a little poll in hopes of getting your input, but either nobody caught the blog except for my one friend who texted me her vote, or you just thought the poll was ridiculous and you didn't care to vote. If you fit into the former category, these were the  color of shoes I was debating against...

1. Navy Blue

2. Pool Blue

3. Azalea

I contemplated back and forth between the navy blue and azalea, and while I actually liked the azalea color better, I ultimately decided on navy blue. I just felt the shoes were far more versatile. 

And so when I ordered the shoes I saw that if you acknowledge them on a social media site, you get free shipping! So Pinterest the shoes I sure did! (Is that the correct terminology?) The shoes were Fedexed, I ordered them on a Wednesday and they showed up Saturday morning during Bambino's birthday party. Yay, present for Mommy! 

I worried about the fit, but I got my usual size and they fit perfectly! I was a little hesitant of the tassels, I showed them to a girlfriend and she wasn't a big fan.  But the next day I wore them with shorts and they were so soft and comfy and looked so good with my shorts. Actually, they're so comfy that I'm worried that much like the name of the shoe, they are really meant to be just for driving, or maybe house slippers? If so, I'll be wearing my house slippers to H-E-B! Overall, great purchase. Oh, and they're kid friendly. 

If you haven't checked out C Wonder, you really should! Here are a couple of their items I'm coveting right now...

Mini Striped Nylon Easy Tote

Lace Shift Dress
I told a girlfriend I wanted to crash a wedding just so I had a place to where this gorgeous dress! 

Square Stone Drama Necklace

Silk Lip Service Scarf
If we needed scarves in 100 degree Texas weather I would wear this, but for me heat beats out any fashion statement. I refuse to look like a moron with sweat dripping down my face in the name of fashion. 

Green Ikat Dinnerware

If only I could go back in time and register at C Wonder for my wedding. Who would care if I had earrings on my registry? 

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