Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Andy Cohen's Most Talkative in Audio...A Free Giveaway!

Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture

If you recall, last week I reviewed Andy Cohen's book Most Talkative. To summarize, I was a little saddened by the persona that came across in the book, that he wasn't quite the guy next door that I thought he was, yet the closeness that he had with his family and friends was something that really redeemed him in my eyes. It seemed that regardless of how big he has gotten, and how big the name dropping is, he is always available to receive a text from his mom and share it with the viewers. Thus still keeping me addicted to all things Bravo. 

So then towards the end of the week I got an email from a Senior Publicist at Macmillan Audio asking me if I  would be interested in posting a clip from the audio version of AC's book which is read by Andy himself. I didn't realize that the book was in audio, so instantly I dismissed it thinking why would I need that, I already wrote my review. And then I thought about it some more and one thing I will say for Andy Cohen is that he has quite a bit of enthusiasm for the most mundane things. Specifically I recall the game on Watch What Happens Live where dogs from an animal shelter were walked in with wigs, basically in Housewife costume. While I didn't find it too exciting, his giddy level hit the 10 on the giddy meter and that made me laugh more than the dogs! 

As I read the book I could hear his voice in my head reading the book (Is that weird?) so the thought of Andy telling these stories himself I feel would actually be more entertaining than reading the book on it's own.   Seriously, I would love to hear Andy's scream imitation of his mother or better yet his imitation of Ross Perot! The only thing missing would be his habitual head cock. 

And so I emailed back the publicist back and said I would be interested in posting a clip of the audio version (see below) and asked for a copy for a giveaway, and she agreed!

Sooooo...check out the audio clip below and email me at thetiffingirl@gmail.com with Tiffin Girl Giveaway in the subject line and tell me who your dream duo guests would be on Watch What Happens Live and one lucky winner at random will win a copy of Andy Cohen's Most Talkative in Audio! The contest will close in one week, on Tuesday, June 4th at 12:00 am so submit your entry!


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