Monday, May 6, 2013

Kentucky Derby Hat Fashion: The Decent, The Bad and The Ugly

Wild Hearts Can't Be BrokenIf you're trying to find out what horse came in the lead at the Derby, find another blog because I couldn't even tell you who was racing and definitely not who was the favor and obviously not who won. My only experience with horses includes one of my favorite movies as a child, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, and of course that sad accident I had at Girl Scout Camp, Camp Misty Meadows. I had finished riding, took off my riding helmet and was in the bleachers waiting to go back to the bunk house when I banged my head against the ledge of the covered bleachers. Ouch. It hurt. When I went to my camp counselor in pain she informed me that I shouldn't have taken my helmet off and went on her way. And to this day I don't like horses or that camp counselor.

Surprisingly, it was Hubby who suggested I do a blog post on hat fashions at the Kentucky Derby. Oddly, he doesn't read my blog but apparently he does listen to me when I tell him what I'm blogging about, that or the fact that he always looks over my shoulder and questions what I'm looking at when I'm on computer and recalls what he has seen. I think the latter. And so, with his suggestion I've decided to explore the inner hat world at the Kentucky Derby.

Oh, and let me preface this by saying I'm not a big hat person. I don't understand the concept of placing a large mass a top your head with feathers swaying above it, but I can appreciate the reserved, understated hats as few and far between as there are. With that being said, lets criticize some sombreros!

Star Jones looks a fool with a hat that matches the ruffles on the bottom of the dress. That is Star Jones, isn't it? It's hard to tell she's even under that hat! You should wear the hat, not vice versa. 

I will give Jennifer Tilly credit for wearing a very simple dress with her beehive, but I  think her stylist needed to coif the mane of the hat before hitting the red carpet. 

Who can take a sunrise and sprinkle it with dew...the candyman can.  Willy Wonka anybody? 

I kind of like Jane Seymour's all red with nude shoes. The peplum dress is gorg, but I don't like the hat. But, if you have to wear a hat to this shindig, this does work. Maybe a little too matchy matchy, but it's Dr. Quinn, that's ok.

Bravo, Lauren Conrad, bravo. While one may consider donning a headband is a cop out for those who have heads too large for a hat, I say it's a very royal and chic way to wear a hat. Love the dress too!

Compared to the dress, Miranda Lambert's hat doesn't bother me too much! I actually like that the hat is away from her face, now that should be everyone's intent when wearing the hat! 

I think I saw Krysten Ritter's hat at Target in the handbag section, it's much more casual beach attire than Derby attire, no? 

I love Elizabeth Chambers dress, although she is desperately needing a statement necklace.  But the hat, it's far too reminiscent of a conical hat, but maybe that's the inspiration. Oh, and Elizabeth is the wife of some actor named Armie Hammer? He's not on Bravo so I couldn't tell you who he is.

Kim Kardashian wannabe...I mean Kim Kardashian best friend Larsa Pippen is wearing the style of hat I absolutely hate. It's too structured and covers the face. And is that a veil attached to a rose? It reminds me of the hat of a bee hunter. 

Suprisingly, I actually kind of like Jenny Mollen's hat, or actually the whole style. A simple dress with a trendy silhouette and an understated hat that follows the theme without going overboard and you can see her face! And Jason Bigg's whole style works for the Derby, but I guess he didn't realize that men don't have to wear hats too. 

And that's about all the hats I can stomach to critique. I will say that this year, compared to years past, there are even fewer hats that I actually like. I guess when it comes to sombrero style I'm more of the less is more approach, and with a hat, that's kind of an oxymoron, and isn't that what one looks like in a hat and cocktail dress anyways?

Images of celebrities are linked to their name. 

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