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Real Housewives of New York City: Reminiscing Over Couture

So it's been about a year since we were last dazzled with Ramona's denial of plastic surgery (Semantics people, semantics), Luann's desire to be referred to as a Countess and Sonja's train wreck seductiveness (You don't want to look, but you just have to take a peak out of disgust. Recall her forgetting to wear her skirt at the costume party she threw? Don't worry, I'll save you and not post the photo. ) I had read countless times that the show had not begun filming to which I refused to believe because Bravo works like clockwork, the new season always premieres about 13 months from the previous season. And so with it being May and no previews for the new season premiering on Bravo, I realized something had to be up. And so I did a little research (Or perhaps an article popped up in front of me) that said that RHONYC was just beginning to film because producers wanted more film of the ladies in the Hamptons in hopes of garnering more viewership, apparently people didn't care for winter in NYC. I must say that I agree, I do miss the days of seeing everyone's Hamptons home in the summer, the bright colors of their bathing suit cover ups and their dogs frolicking on the beach. I really didn't care to see the darkness of the clothes and the dreary city in the winter. And so I shall wait for summer NYC to appear on my television this coming winter (or so I assume).

But as we wait why not reminisce over some of the fashion of the show. Let's be honest, while some of these ladies are a little too old to be adhering to the trends of  youngsters, some of their styles were still pretty... pretty. Yes, even Ramona had some moments.

I love Heather's first impression dress on the show at a cocktail party Sonja throws. It's laid back, yet corseted to bring up the glam factor. And I love her hair and make-up with this outfit. I would wear it! Do they sell it at Old Navy? 

Remember the Morocco trip from hell where there was constant impromptu arguments which thanks to Alex, was outed as faux-arguments to garner face time. (Come on, are you telling me that Kelly telling Alex that Santa Claus ruined her henna "tatoo" wasn't staged? Oh, it wasn't?) Regardless of the horrible acting, the  colors and sparkles of their authentic garb was beautiful. Sonja's was my favorite. With the makeup and the scarf around the neck, gorgeous! 
While some did not understand the need for a 17 year anniversary vow renewal (Ahem, Jill Zarin. And Ramona's daughter, but that's ok, teenagers are supposed to question with an eye roll everything their parents do), Ramona's dress  is still beautiful. It's something very trendy that I could see a young, 20 something would wear. It's absolutely stunning, feathers and all. And Avery looks beautiful in that dress and with those long waves.

Remember the season one finale dinner where Ramona showed up an hour late much to the dismay of Jill? Her Barbie-pagentesque attire was a bit over the top (Even Jill's daughter Allie commented on it to Ramona's daughter Avery. Oh those youngin's pulling a Fashion Police on their moms!) and Alex's alleged famous designer blouse and skirt was sadly worn. It almost made an appearance at the Pamela Roland fashion show, but thankfully Bethenny had a hook up so the two were able to wear the designer's actual designs. Unfortunate for us, no such hook up was made for the finale dinner. (I know, it's sad that I recall such details.)

Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City Alex McCord wearing an Aidan Mattox gown
Alex redeemed herself in what I believe was season three where she walked some kind of purple catwalk and only Ramona showed up with her friend who was supposed to only say hello to Alex and leave but then decided to sit front row and watch, probably because she was unaware that cameras were going to be there and once she saw them she needed some face time. Anyways, this dress is absolutely stunning! I love the color and sparkles, but I think it needs to be taken in a bit around the hips.

As pretentious as she often comes across, I definitely adore Luann's style. She's chic and sophisticated and knows how to dress her age. You won't catch her in booty shorts or cleavage baring tops, conservative is usually the way she rolls. I loved this gray sweater wrap dress she was trying on with Kelly  when the two went shopping. It was very Luann and very conservative, love. But where is that statement piece she always perfects her outfits with? 

And here's Luann looking put together again at the season two reunion, wearing a gorgeous dress in a bright color with her trademark one shoulder style. And can we all appreciate how well Bethenny and Jill also look? I hate to say it, but I feel that Jill's style identity is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, one day she's channeling Madonna with the long extensions and top ponytail while on What What Happens Live and the next day she's in the Hamptons in an ugly Pucci cover up, but at this season two reunion show she had it right. The hair had curls, the dress was conservative yet trendy and her screeching voice actually didn't hit falsetto status.

Now this is a statement only Carol Radziwell could make, a long sleeved, short pant unitard in black to an event where she is meeting all the Housewives for the first time. Oddly enough, it works on her petite frame, but don't get any ideas, Jill Zarin.

I know, another Luann. So don't look at the hair or the expression, but I love the conservative one shoulder green dress. The necklace is ok, but I love the attempt at a chunky piece draped over a solid covered dress. 

I know that the photo on the left is actually from Bethheny Ever After (moment of silence for the broken relationship), but I would love to wear that outfit. I don't even like the reptile skin style, but that purse goes with the outit! I love a crisp, white oxford blouse and to turn it into a nighttime look? It doesn't get any better! 

As I was going through the pictures I realized that I miss the camaraderie of Jill and Bethenny, the slightly obnoxiousnes of Ramona and the wealth and etiquette of the Countess. And then I remembered how the whole show went into flames thanks to the burgeoning egos of the cast members and I didn't care for the last season too much. Hopefully the long hiatus will help revive of the show, if not at least we still have the fashion to appreciate, because that really is the backbone of the show. You don't see these ladies wearing sweatshirts from their alma mater with matching sweat pants, do you? 

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