Monday, May 27, 2013

Surprise! I Found a New Workout This Morning!

I woke up bright an early this morning in search of a new workout. Yesterday I went for a run and the two days before that I had done the step aerobic workout and a kickboxing workout so this morning I wanted a strength training workout that wasn't too cardio based. I knew most of my Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels workouts had a large cardio component with supersets so  I thought I'd search for something knew. And so I went to YouTube to search Exercise TV to see if anyone had posted any old Exercise TV workouts recently. (I'm pretty aware of what videos are up there at any given time.) So I searched Exercise TV and lo and behold, there was a 42 minute strength training workout that I've never done by a trainer I had never heard of! I quickly forwarded through the workout to see if it was light yet rigorous (oxymoron?) and it seemed to fit the bill, so I pulled out my weights and was ready to go! 

Sidebar- So Hubby recently purchased a Smart TV and I found out that I could link my iPad to the tv and do my YouTube workouts there. No more craning the desktop screen around to face the living room to do my workouts, yay! (I know, as my brother always tells me, "Welcome to 2005.") So I got to do this workout on the big tv! 

So I pulled out my 3lb weights and my 5lb weights even though the trainer said to use light weights. Well, a few minutes into the workout and I see why you need light weights! This turned out to be an amazing workout. It incorporated moves that I had never done before, mainly doing a lot of balance work with weights in hand. So while it did turn out to have a cardio component as well, there was a lot of balancing and using arms and legs with weights in hand, I loved it! 

Surprisingly, I have never done any Lia Montelongo workouts before. Possibly because she's a dancer and perhaps she has more ballet videos on Exercise TV, something I don't delve into. Trust me, it wouldn't be pretty. Or maybe she just doesn't have that many Exercise TV videos out? Regardless, I love this workout.

It's a 42 minute workout (Perfectly doable, not too much but not-not enough) that consists of four circuits that are repeated twice. Each move is about ten reps done on each side. And then toward the end there is an ab portion that is about five minutes long. 

I had to keep close attention as she did the moves because she has different names for moves than what I am used to. For instance what Jillian Michaels would call a one legged squat, she refers to as a stork stance. Or what would be referred to some as a side lunge, she uses another word that at the moment I can't recall. So I had to watch closely to follow along the moves, since I didn't have the names down already, but this also helped me with form, to ensure I wouldn't hurt myself. 

And all the balance work. The balance, the balance. She does a one legged squat, brings up the leg that is floating, and kicks it out while raising her hands with weights over head. Loved it! Or she does a forward lunge with a shoulder raise, and then the leg moves to the side and does a squat without ever putting  her leg down and she moves her arms to above your head. Oh the balance!  I had never done a workout with weights where you have to balance with one foot and the other was up in the air so much. I just finished the workout and my core is so sore! 

This workout will definitely be going into my heavy rotation folder, I just loved the new moves and how it worked muscles in a different format. Even though there was some cardio too with the way my heartbeat was raised and I was sweating profusely, it was still the perfect workout for today.

Now I must go stalk her on YouTube to see what other workouts of hers I can find. Until I do, enjoy her workout below!

(Sorry, Blogger can't seem to find the URL of the YouTube video, so click on the link below to access the great workout.)



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