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The Met Gala: Punk Rock's Attempt at Going Glam

The Met Gala's formal name, The Costume Institute Gala, is the annual gala that marks the opening of the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute. The Costume Institute is an exhibit that houses historical costumes, jewelry and other fashion paraphernalia. All of the money raised by the shindig goes straight to the Costume Institute. (Thus by dressing up in attire that probably costs triple the amount of your ticket is like spending money for a good cause, right?) The event is hosted by Vogue magazine (thus the reason why the editor's, Anna Wintour, devilish smile is plastered all over the red carpet) and brings out all the celebrities and high rolling wannabe celebrities who love fashion. It's an atmosphere in which people go balls to the walls with their love of fashion. There doesn't appear to be a lot of conventional restraint, ideas are picked straight from the runaway and put to the museum, which is why a lot of the looks make no sense. (Images of Madonna in her bunny eared ensemble from the 2009 Met Gala come to mind.)

Each year the Met Gala (or Met Ball, whichever you prefer to call it) has a theme that coincides with the exhibit at the Costume Institute. For 2013, the exhibit that is being unveiled is entitled, "Punk: Chaos to Couture." Color me fashionably ignorant, but I was unaware that punk went couture. If you mean by Kristen Stewart wearing Givenchy and her Converse shoes on the red carpet, I would not consider that couture.

And so the celebrities brought out their full on fashion sense (or maybe their stylist's fashion sense) channeling their interpretation of punk. I must say, after reading the theme of the night, now I see why I was highly unimpressed with the looks of the night. While there were some highlights, those highlights didn't follow the theme of the night, so which is more appropriate? Ugly and following theme or chic but clashing? All too reminiscent of Porsha pickle on Real Housewives of Atlanta where she was asked to dress as Halle Berry from BAPS to some party but chose another ensemble, she looked sleek but did not adhere to the rules. (Did I really just use a metaphor from one of the only Bravo shows I don't like and rarely watch? I did)

Regardless of whether they followed the rules, lets just check out how punk couture is interpreted.

I was accepting Beyonce's take on punk, until I noticed the thigh high boots matched the dress. No. No. And no. If she were in some black stilettos I could have even accepted the belt, but those shoes ruined the whole outfit. 

All was good until Sarah Jessica Parker showed up in a synthetic mohawk. I actually think the dress is beautiful, but the boots (or are those tights?) and of course the obvious gold mohawk. 

Did I miss the matching dress and shoe memo? I want to say it's hideous, a la Beyonce, but I kind of like the shoes! (Hmm, following in the steps of your baby daddy's best friend's wife only to fit in with the A-list crowd? I don't know what was more high school there, Kim Kardashian's attempts at said theory or just said theory.)  And I must say, I actually like the style of the dress (minus the turtleneck) it's just far too Sound of Music making a dress out of curtains. And it's quite the antithesis of punk.

Madonna really takes the theme literally, no? This is punk with a bit of contradiction in the shoes. Ugly, but following the rules. 

Jessica Biel is starting to become one of my style icons, who know Mary Camden had quite the fashionista 
hidden under all that tomboy basketball attire? This is a great way of taking trendy styles and merging it in with punk. Quite possibly my favorite of the night!

Absolutely not, Hannah Montana, absolutely not. Badly bleached spiked blonde hair was last seen on Lance Bass circa 1999, and at the time it was considered frosted tips.

 This is not allowed on a female in 2013, it just looks bad. The dress fits the requisite theme along with the contrasting lipstick, so I'll give you a pass on that. 

Taylor Swift does an amazing job of representing punk couture, it's a gorgeously chic gown that has that certain edge to make it funky. She follows the theme without losing her own fashion identity. And how beautiful does she look with her hair pulled out of her eyes highlighting her smoky eyes? Love. 

Katy Perry, you obviously wore this outfit to garner attention, well here you have it, served in a tiffin. You do not look punk and the crown does not make you regal. Next! 

Punk couture is Kelly Osbourne's life. This dress is a perfect fit to her, it actually looks like something she would wear to any event. I kind of the dig the yellow juxtaposed to the black, but I don't care for the beehive. 

I love Katie Holmes's dress! Now, before you question my judgement, hear me out. Firstly, I love white halter gowns and this fits the bill. A long train is something you can only pull off at your wedding and the Met Gala. And, the shredded train is her bit of punk for the night. Did I say love yet? 

Ginnifer Goodwin's make-up is called taking a theme too far. The dress is ok, ho-hum. Fits the theme, but could go elsewhere as well. I'm sorry, I just can't take my eyes off those eyes.

As obnoxious as Giselle Bundchen is (Recall her comment about formula fed babies about three years ago? If not, I'll save you the annoyance.), she really melds together punk fashion but still staying true to her own fashion sense. I love the hair, dress and shoes. Now I hang my head in shame. 

What are you doing, Gwenyth? That color screams Golden Globes, not Met Gala. Do you think because there is a see through section in the dress it's punk? The controversial dress she work to the Iron Man 3 premiere was much more fitting for this event than this Pepto Bismol dress. 

I can't even acknowledge the dress because it's hard to look past that hair! Is it supposed to be punk because it looks a lot more Mama's Family to me. Wait, wait, looking at the dress I actually adore it! The color, the print, the style. Not so punk, but maybe that's why Nicole Richie colored her hair since she really wanted to wear the dress? 

Ashley Greene, I think this is more goth than punk. No, don't ask me to decipher between the two, I can't. For goth, I actually kind of dig it. Makes me think of something one of the extras wore on the set of Toni Braxton's video for "How Could an Angel Break My Heart."

Now Sienna Miller's ensemble truly depicts Punk: Chaos to Couture. I love the white dress with the badass jacket on top. The contradiction of gentle vs intense is beautifully highlighted, but I wouldn't have opted for the hair piece.

The only thing punk about Emmy Rossum's look is her smoky eye. With that being said I absolutely love this dress. It's edgy with the bit of see through yet soft with the color. Gorgeous! Not too punk, but who cares!

This is not really punk, but it's definitely something one would wear to the Met Gala because I don't think it would be too fitting to wear anyone else. Shh, as crazy as the feathers are (are those feathers?) I think the fit is great for Blake Lively.

There were so many looks of the night and I could keep going, but I have two children sleeping which means a chance to sit and watch my recording of The Mindy Project! (What, did you expect me to say Bravo?)

While many of the looks were pretty outrageous, I love that it's such a barrage of different interpretations of one theme. This isn't the Grammys or Oscars, there is no governing body setting restraints on what to wear (Ahem, Grammys 2013). There doesn't appear to be much conformity, in fact to not conform is to conform. In essence it is a costume ball, but more avant garde and less Halloween. And this picky pseudo-fashion blogger can truthfully say that she appreciates the abstract styles, but only for the Met Gala, lets get back to conformity come Emmy's, people! 

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