Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Color to Moccasin? I Need Your Help!

I've never been a big fan of the penny loafer. It reminds me of the style from 9th grade (Since I was sported the style in 9th grade, it must have been more popular when I was in the 7th.) that I used to wear with my...I'm far too embarrassed to describe the style I was wearing. It was my attempt at wearing whatever was in that could be purchased at Mervyn's. (At that time I was unaware that you could purchase finer and trendier items at the mall for sale price that would be similar or less to Mervyn's.  You know, like the Gap.) Anyways, so when I saw that loafers were back in style I just couldn't fathom the look, it wasn't for me.

What I did like were men's loafers that came in vibrant colors. I just loved the style and for years now I've been trying to get Hubby to buy a pair, but perhaps he too had similar sentiment regarding penny loafers from high school and refuses to purchase a pair. 

How awesome are those red loafers? How does he not want a pair? And then I started to think, is it that I want to buy him a pair or is it that I want a pair for myself and don't think they are feminine friendly?

And then the Tom's craze went under way and I of course had to get a pair. It was the complete antithesis of the flip flop rage (that in my head has been going strong since high school) and I loved it. Granted, the closed toe shoe did bring back my foot problem from childhood...I won't get into that now but of all people who remember far too fondly, that would be my brother. 

So I wore my Toms all through the fall and winter (it's Texas, shorts and closed toe shoes mean it's cold outside!). And now I'm getting tired of Toms. I thought maybe I needed a new color or design, but I'm starting to think that Toms are just played out and I'm over it. (I get over things oh so quickly, I know. My newer diaper bag is only two months old but I'm already getting that handbag itch.) 

Bye, bye, Tom's! 

And then a couple of months ago I was at Nordstrom's and saw red flats. I immediately became obsessed with bright colored flats that were not Toms. But the only problem was that I thought they were a little too dressy to wear with shorts, which is my staple uniform.

So pretty! 

And then I forgot about my need for the new and improved version of Toms until a few weeks ago (or maybe a week ago?) I was reading a blog about great mother's day gifts and came across this photo for suede driving moccasins at a store called C Wonder. 

I immediately fell in love with the shoes and the store! The store, C Wonder, is kind of a version of Anthropologie without the boho feel, and overall just more of a giddy feel. (I don't know about you, but despite the bright colors sometimes Anthropolgie comes across a bit bleek and dismal. Perhaps the C Wonder models smile and Anthropologie's do not?)


C Wonder 
Yep, that explains it.

Moving on. So I loved the shoes, but saw that they were $98 and felt it was a bit too much to spend on something I wasn't sure how often I would wear the shoe. And I figured I would just hold out for a sale.

And then today on Twitter (Yes, I started following C Wonder on Twitter. Follow others on Twitter as they will then follow you? Oh, is that not the Golden Rule?) I saw that they were having a massive sale and my moccasins are on sale for $54.99! Yay! 

So I am desperate to buy a pair of these moccasins, but what color to buy? What will be more versatile and could go with more outfits. I really like the Navy and Azalea, but just can't decide, so help me! 

#1- Navy
#2- Pool Blue
#3- Azalea

Post in the comments below what color I should purchase. Times a ticking as the sale ends in just two days! (Am I being a sucker for marketing gimmicks, apparently so.)

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