Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Over

The giveaway is over. I even tweeted Andy Cohen again in hopes of a retweet, nothing. I had no takers except a sweet friend who said she would have entered had she not already read the book. Oh, and my brother who emailed me, after one email stating he couldn't stop laughing, that "Fine. I'll take the book." I did not give this non-Bravo watcher the copy.

 And so I humiliatingly emailed the publicist who offered the copy of the book (She probably either laughed when she read the email or realized she targeted the wrong blog to post her audio clip.) and am now washing my hands clean of this whole giveaway nonsense. I'm just going to go back to the third grade, pout and never do this again and never think of this again, but unfortunately the sounds of my brother's cyber laugh is reverberating through my inbox haunting me.

So what have I learned? That when you have only six pity followers on twitter, tweeting giveaways makes no difference. Even with the hash-tags.

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