Monday, June 24, 2013

Making the Best Out of Your Takeout Leftovers: Vegetable Fried Rice

Saturday night we got some takeout Thai food and I got my usual soft spring rolls with peanut sauce and stir fry vegetables with jasmine rice. Normally I opt for brown rice since media outlet after outlet has screamed to me that processed white rice is unhealthy and filled with toxins and that brown rice is the much better rice route to indulge. Well I chose to spit in Joy Bauer's face and order the jasmine rice. I like white rice, I've eaten it for 30 years and if I want to splurge (Although I don't consider it splurging) I'm going to go for the white rice, which I did! (As you can see, rice gets me very heated.)

Well, after eating two soft spring rolls with tofu, noodles (White noodles, sorry, Joy) and vegetables I didn't have a lot of room for my actual dinner. I ate most of the vegetables from the stir fry and a couple of bites of the tofu (Too much tofu is like eating too much of something you just accept, you don't necessarily enjoy eating it, but you don't hate it either which means there is only so much you can tolerate.) and a little bit of rice. So when I went to throw away the garbage I saw a large vat of rice sitting in the white, disposable takeout container. (Not the takeout box with the metal handle, this wasn't Chinese food!) 

Now, to know me is to know my love of a big plate of white rice. According to my mother, as a child it was all I ate, along with a heaping helping of plain yogurt, Indian style. Ok, so not just as a child even in college when everyone was eating Top Ramen, I was eating my dahi bhaat. (Yogurt rice in my native tongue).

So to throw away all that rice would just be a travesty! I threw it into the fridge thinking I would make some kind of Rice Pilaf out of it. So Sunday morning we ran to H-E-B and I grabbed all the usual vegetables that I always stock up the fridge with and as I was walking past cabbage I decided to make some vegetable fried rice! I often make chicken fried rice for Hubby with leftover chicken breasts, but today I decided to make myself a vegetarian fried rice.

 All I did was saute some onion and garlic, then threw in the broccoli, shredded carrot and shredded cabbage. After that was warm and crunchy I threw in the frozen peas and corn and then the rice. I heavily added on soy sauce for flavor but felt it was missing something. I contemplated adding Sriracha sauce like I make for Hubby, but I feared the heat would kill me. There was something missing, but I just couldn't figure it out. I decided to throw in a pinch of Chinese Five Spice and that did the trick! It gave it a little bit of needed flavor without tasting too hot.

So what was the lesson from all of this? Don't automatically throw those leftovers from your takeout away. Who knows what kind of meal you can concoct with it the next day! 

Oh, and the reason why I'm not posting the entire recipe is because I've already done so before, with chicken fried rice (click above). If you're looking for the vegetarian version just don't add the chicken!


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