Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mistreses: My Attempt at Delving Back into Fictional Television

If you read this blog at all then you know of my obsession for Bravo. Well, recently those reigns have been loosening. I know I've said this before, but I'm really getting tired of the same characters arguing over the same issues and those issues splattered all across the reality blogs I read. (Maybe stop reading those blogs?) It started by me stopping my DVR from recording Watch What Happens Live. I used to record every episode and pick and choose which to watch based on who was on the show. Soon I was deleting every episode that would record! And then Housewives of Jersey started and it's just boring me. It's the same familial issues that keep getting played out and as each season passes on the only difference is that Teresa has more make-up caked on her face, even when going to the gym. 

As Bravo has been fading I've found in these last couple of months I've gotten back into reading. I was always an avid reader as a child and even through college and post graduate school. After having kids I just stopped because I didn't feel I had the time or concentration for it. As Hubby makes fun of me, it was Andy Cohen that had me start reading again, but I consider Bravo my gateway drug into reading. First I read Cohen's book then Kyle Richard's book then Bethenny Frankel's fiction book. Her fiction book got me back into reading all that I loved, chic lit books. From Emily Giffin, Jennifer Weiner, Sophie Kinsella, I love them all! I've found that reading a page here and there and then spending twenty minutes before bed reading allows me to finish a book in about a week. 

Through reading fiction it had me jonesing to watch something of the chic lit variety on the small screen. I saw a commercial for Mistresses back in May and thought it looked interesting and finally this past week I made an effort to watch the pilot on On Demand after falling asleep through an episode of RHONJ and not bothering to rewind and re-watch. I knew my Bravo passion was slowly being flushed down the drain with Andy Cohen waving goodbye to me. 

But no grief here! (Besides, once Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes back, I'll be hooked again.) No grief because I've found a good, fictional show to occupy that almost one hour of tv watching I get at the end of the night. (Granted, one person's good is one person's bad. That other person would be Hubby.) Often times it takes me awhile to get into fictional tales, but with this one I was hooked right from the pilot! 

The show revolves around four women and how infidelity plagues their lives. Firstly there's Alyssa Milano's character, Savi. Savi and her husband are trying to get pregnant, but her husband is having infertility issues which is harming their marriage and Savi seeks solace in a one night fling with her co-worker only to shortly after find out she is pregnant. Desperate to salvage her marriage she seeks to find paternity to determine who the baby daddy is. Oh, and the man she cheats on her husband with is black and her husband is white, so there's no lying about this one, there may be a big ol' surprise in that delivery room.

And then there's my favorite story line, Karen is a psychotherapist and has an affair with one of her dying patients who is married and has an 18 year old son. The patient has passed on and the wife and son are relying on her to get through their grief, not knowing she had an affair with their husband and father. Meanwhile, the son knows his father had an affair, but doesn't know with who and is falling in love with Karen. Oh wow, typing this out makes me feel that watching this show is not necessarily a step up from the catty fights of Bravo!

Next is April whose husband passed away a few years ago and she is still grieving his death and then a woman shows up at her doorstep claiming she had an affair with her husband and this is their lovechild and she is demanding child support from his estate. This one gets my blood fuming. I just want to yell at April to lawyer up! (Which Savi, her best friend, is a lawyer!)

Lastly there's Josslyn who is Savi's younger sister. She's a real estate agent and goes around sleeping with married men. She doesn't have that significant of a story line other than to bring some lighthearted humor to the show. 

I'm a little confused on how the show will continue. I mean, how often can affairs affect their relationships? But apparently it's based on the British series entitled Mistresses and we all know what happened when The Office, a copy off of a British show did. Somehow I don't think this show will garner the same excitement as The Office. Who knows, maybe the viewers of Desperate Housewives will latch on to this show and it will be a success. 

So while the show is a great distraction from Bravo, unfortunately, when I get hooked to fictional shows either the show is cancelled after one season or it becomes a success and I claim the second season is a sophomore slump and stop watching when in actuality ratings hit a high. Which means I just may be hooked to Bravo again. Input emphatic sigh here.


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