Monday, June 10, 2013

The 5-4-3-2-1 Workout

I was perusing twitter the other day and came across this workout someone had posted, the 5-4-3-2-1 workout that can be done right out of your living room. No weights needed, just your own body weight and a stop watch. Perfect, I thought. Initially I thought it looked kind of easy, not too many moves and the moves aren't any of the difficult stuff I've done in Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper videos, just squats with no weights, jump squats with no weights and lunges with no weights. This shouldn't be too difficult, but I'm sure the repetitiveness of it will be what gets to me.

And so yesterday morning I contemplated whether I wanted to do this exercise since I was in the mood for a more rigorous workout. I decided to go ahead and give it a try because it was new and different. I ended up doing the workout outside so that for the five minute cardio section I could run the 5 minute loop in my neighborhood. So I got my outside yoga mat (Yes, I have two. One for inside that stays clean and one for outside that is beyond dirty.), my stopwatch and my jug o' water and planted it all on the driveway. 

I did a quick warm up Jillian Michaels style (Cardio warm-up for all you unfamiliar with the JM) and was off for the my run. I came back and went straight to work. Lunges first, no big deal and then off to mountain climbers. A little tiring, but not too bad. And then back to lunges, this time I did backward lunges and then on to mountain climbers. Not too bad, tiring but I never had to stop. And then as I started doing military style push-ups I could feel the sun blinding my eyes and could hear every car whooshing by. As I moved into tricep dips my neighbor drove by and gave me a honk and a wave mid pelvic thrust, nice. Mid 3-MINUTE circuit I decided I needed to go in the backyard where there was shade. The scorching sun and the glaring eyes from all the neighbors driving by wondering what this fool was doing with horrible push-up form was cramping my workout style. So I quickly gathered my things and made it back to start the 2-MINUTE circuit which wasn't too bad. There was shade and peace, which of course made me more comfortable. Why did I even try this workout in the front yard? Oh yeah, so I didn't have to keep unlocking the fence gate that kept sticking on me! And then I concluded with  the easiest of them all, the 1 minute plank.

Ok, back to the top. I ran the exact same distance in five minutes, surprisingly since I was tired. Lunges were no problem, but then came the mountain climbers and I questioned what I got myself into with this workout. I stopped once the first go through and the second time I had to stop two times. And those push-ups were killer, I didn't even try military style, went straight to the knees. The dips weren't too bad. Squats and squat jumps were tiring but again not too bad and the plank was still the easiest, but still tiring nonetheless. By the plank I garnered a viewer through the wooden blinds, my Sweet Pea was peaking through the window, hair astray and pajamas still on, yelling hi and questioning whether I was doing exercise? I look that bad, huh kid? 

Third time through it took me 10 seconds longer to run the same distance, thus I ran 5 minutes and 10 seconds. Lunges weren't a problem but mountain climbers were so difficult that I just stayed in plank and brought one leg in at a time. Second time through I picked it up for about 15 seconds midway and for the last 10 seconds, but it was all I could do. The push-ups (On my knees, of course) and dips weren't as difficult, but probably because I cheated...or I prefer to say modified on the mountain climbers. The squats and jump squats still weren't too bad but by that plank I had a close eye on my watch and the baby ants swarming around me in hopes it would end soon and the ants wouldn't get to me before that minute ended.

And then it did and I just laid back on my mat, tiny ants running around me but I could care less at this point. I was tired!  Here I was thinking maybe the workout wouldn't be too hard and it really kicked my arse. I'm laughing at myself for thinking about actually taking out weights in case the workout wasn't too hard. But in my defense it was hot and humid outside which of course made the workout harder. Um  yeah, that's it. 

Fitfabcities has a lot more printable workouts, so if you're in need of jump starting your routine, try the 5-4-3-1 workout or one of her other ones, I know I'm looking for a new one for tomorrow, assuming I'm not still sore from yesterday's workout.  

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