Monday, June 3, 2013

Well, this is Embarrassing...

If you recall last week I posted my first giveaway, a free copy of Andy Cohen's Most Talkative in audio. Of course, I was elated to receive something to give away and I expected to receive tons of entries in hopes of winning this $20 prize because, come on, who doesn't want something free?

I did some research on how to do giveaways and how long to keep them open. I even looked into websites on how to advertise the giveaway. I have to say, I was a little surprised by that, advertise? Come on, it's free, don't people want it? So I opened up the giveaway last Tuesday and said that the giveaway would close on Tuesday, June 4th at 12:00. I've been tweeting daily to remind people to enter and even tweeted Andy Cohen himself in hopes of a retweet! It is his book on audio, it's free advertising for him.

And then by about Thursday the realization set in. Here I thought my blog had somewhat of a decent readership, at least past my own friends and family and that people would want this free item. Well I was wrong, completely and absolutely wrong. I say this with much embarrassment, but I have had not one entry to my free giveaway. Please, stop laughing. Not one person has responded or even inquired about it. And no, Andy Cohen did not retweet my tweet. And all the blogs that advertise giveaways come with a cost, either monetary or exchange for advertising their blog on my blog.

So yes, not one single entry. At first I thought I would just give the audio book to a friend and announce that she was the winner and even write what her response was to my entry question of who would your dream duo be for Watch What Happens Live. But then I thought about it some more and I decided against it. This blog is a place for honesty, where I write about my honest thoughts on a plethora of topics. I'm not going to lie to make myself look better.This is the truth, I am that chubby third grader with coke bottle glasses that noone wants on their team for dodge ball because the only way I'm going to dodge anything is if it's boiled brussels sprouts sitting on my dinner table. Nobody wants me and nobody is interested in my giveaway, and it's free!

But don't feel pity for me. This is reality. Yes, I thought I had a decent readership, but maybe I don't. Maybe the bulk of the viewers are spam sites targeting blogs? Or maybe I have readers but no one has interest in Andy Cohen's audio book? Yes, that's it. It's him, not me. Diagnosable projection at it's finest.

Seriously though, if you're interested in a free copy of Andy Cohen's Most Talkative in audio shoot me an email at or holler at me on Twitter @TheTiffinGirl and it can be yours. At this point, you may be the only person of interest in the audio book!

If nobody shows interest I'll have to email back the publicist at MacMillan Audio and tell her I had no takers on the giveaway, how pathetic will that be? Or maybe she won't even be surprised as she did email my dinky blog in hopes of posting a clip of the book on my site. Maybe sales are down and they are desperate for advertising? Again, there's that projection. It is fun to live in an island of denial.



  1. I would have entered if I had not already read the book. :)

    1. Hahah, thank you Amanda! I appreciate that while I drink my full glass of humiliation!