Thursday, June 27, 2013

When Did Michelle and Michelle Tanner Start Dictating Fashion?

As we've all seen countless times, most child stars grow up to never achieve the same fame they do in childhood and unfortunately fall into addiction and troubles with the law. I won't even acknowledge a certain red head who we're constantly bombarded with her most recent shenanigans. (Her name rhymes with Shindsey Shohan) And then you have those that break free of the cracks and find rehab and success, like Drew Barrymore. She was drinking at 9 years old and now she's an A-lister!  Much like Drew Barrymore, the youngest Tanner, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have truly made a name for themselves in the fashion sphere.

Now, I'm no guru on fashion (For instance, is the above pic two fans taking a photo with a fashion icon or peers merely posing together for the paparazzi?), I'm just a novice who likes to read fashion blogs and tries to keep up with trends, visually, not necessarily in my closet. (My pocketbook does not neccesarily agree with this hobby.) I say this because while Mary Kate and Ashley are quite prevalent in Vogue, I'm not sure if other professionals in the same genre would agree that they are experts or if they are more like the Richard Simmons of the fitness circuit.

The girls, excuse me women (It's hard to refer to them as women when gifs of the girls saying "You got it dude" reverberate through my mind) have four...yes, that's right, four clothing lines together. And no, they aren't lines called Michelle Tanner or Mary Kate and Ashley (That was the line of their Wal-mart brand back when they were tweens themselves, paving the way for other celebrities to have their own fashion line using their name to brand themselves),  nowadays at least they try to be a little clandestine about their couture ventures.

First up we have their couture label called The Row. It was established in 2006 and based on the prices, it really rivals Rachel Zoe's line. What, did you think I was going to say Prada? I'm not sure if they're quite to that level, although they did hire Prada's former CEO as the President and CEO of the label.

The Row 

The Row 

The Row 

The Row 

Well, these girls obviously aren't using their name hoping their former tween followers who are now in their twenties are the ones buying these clothes, if so I think their line would be in H&M. Seriously, with a brand like this they are really trying to rival the big guns out their. I'm curious to know how they had the clout to take on such a clothing line. I can't imagine that just any pesron can design and sell at this price point. 

Next up the girls have a line called Elizabeth and James which is a bit more contemporary and less couture.




Ok, so I think this line is far more catered towards their former fans who loved watching Double Touble Toil and Trouble at every slumber party they attended. Granted, the price is high, but the style is absolutely created for younger, trendy women.

For the lower price point the girls have a line for JC Penny titled Olsenboye. Obviously they were using their name on this one to garner customers, but are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen really that relevant in pop culture that people want to buy their clothes? Are they rivaling the Kardashians? 

Olsenboye® Floral Corduroy Backpack
I think Blossom called and she's missing her backpack.

Olsenboye® Sparrow Pants
I had pants like these in middle school, are they seriously back in style? Or was I ever in style?

Olsenboye® Ruffled Eyelet Dress

Olsenboye® Season Rhinestone-Detailed Flat Thong Sandals

Interestingly, this line is for Juniors, do teens even know who Michelle Tanner was? So maybe they really are simply using their design prowess (Wait, do they design themselves?) to broaden their clothing lines and reaching out towards juniors and not hanging on to their childhood fame?

Lastly, the girls have their own t-shirt line on stylemint, which is a clothing website which lets you create a style profile and the line of t-shirts designed by the girls are suggested based on your style. Stylemint seems most similar to Elizabeth and James, in that it reaches the same audience. Which begs the question, aren't their lines competing for the same consumer?

Malibu T


So unlike the other lines, I actually like style mint, it has pieces that are similar to my own style. It's a simple concept, t-shirts (and more apparently)  but taken up a notch. I like the blouses and v-necks, great to be thrown over shorts, jeans, and leggings. So maybe Elizabeth and James and stylemint aren't competing for the same consumer? 

 From the looks of it, the Olsen girls are actually fashion moguls. The only difference between them and other designers are that they had a million dollar empire by the time they were 18 due to their little acting gig as children. I guess their passion wasn't in acting but rather couture. Regardless, I give them major props for growing up in Hollywood and not allowing themselves to turn into another E! True Hollywood story. Granted their was a Bulimia incident, highly questionable fashion styles and an older boyfriend...ok, so they would actually be a ratings goldmine for an E! True Hollywood story. 


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