Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Brother: My Summer Guilty Pleasure

First of all, let me just say that if you are not on the Big Brother bus and are going to dismiss this blog post, hop aboard because you are seriously missing out on an edge of your seat, addictive game playing show

 So I've been hooked to Big Brother for the past four years, every summer I get giddy with anticipation waiting for the house guests to stake their claim of beds in the house. The backstabbing, showmances, floaters and of course the lovely Julie Chen just make my summers filled with excitement! I watched the first season of Big Brother fifteen years ago and then just fell off. I suppose I got lost in college and working and just didn't care to devote the time. (Even though I had more time then.) My brother and sister-in-law have watched the show religiously for years and somehow my brother convinced me to watch one summer and then I got Hubby hooked and now it's our summer pastime. We DVR episodes and watch after the kids go to bed, pausing throughout the episode to discuss our thoughts on the game play.

Now, I do not subscribe to the live feeds because I don't have the time to sit in front of the computer and watch every conniving move that is played. Instead, I read blogs from those who do pay for the live feeds and keep up on what is going on in the house. And so when the show ends on Thursday night, first thing Friday morning I go to and find out who won Head of Household, and then throughout the weekend I check to see who was nominated, who is MVP, who the MVP nomination is and who wins VETO.  Initially, Hubby didn't want me to tell him what I was reading, but now he jumps ahead of me and tells me what's going on! 

And what I've learned from reading about the live feeds is that CBS massacres the live footage! There is so much that goes on in one week that just can't be packed into three hours, and being that it is a network program on during prime time, it's limited on what can be aired. For instance, in Sunday nights episode Helen confronts Howard about the Moving Company, only for him to deny it. What the viewer isn't shown is that McCrae, Amanda and Spencer have already told Helen about the Moving Company alliance. So Helen was setting Howard up and seeing how trustworthy he is. Additionally, Howard is so hated by the others (Which was obvious given that Amanda was pushing Elissa to nominate him) but the reason for the intense hatred is shown in the live feeds. It appears that Howard has a tendency to lie and lies on the Bible. I wonder if CBS is hesitant to show that? 

Granted, CBS also is restricted with the FCC on what they can broadcast. Thankfully CBS is limited from airing footage of the raunchy discussions the house guests have or some of the hookups. I didn't need the Amanda and McCrae play by play that unfortunately I was cyber privy too. I also find it interesting that Howard and Candace appear to have a showmance, but it hasn't been shown on television. 

One thing about the show that I absolutely hate to admit to is that a vast majority of the women that go on this show are far too emotional, thus the reason why men usually win, emotions are your downfall in this game. If you get nominated, don't cry, it's part of the game. If you do get evicted, don't cry, it's just a game. And if your showmance partner gets nominated, don't cry the other houseguests are playing the game and breaking up an alliance, you and your showmancer. I can understand that being cooped up in that house with no outside connection and talking game 24/7 can mess with your mind, but that only explains for so much. The emotions not only make you a bad game player but also just an embarrassment to watch. Case in point, Gina Marie in agony over Nick leaving, walking around with Nick's shorts pretending it's invisible Nick. Homeboy didn't even like you, he was just using you for a faux-alliance. Girlfriend is going to get a rude awakening when she leaves the house and finds out not only does she not have a boyfriend, but no job. 

And that leads us to the racism issue this season. Of course I can't talk about the show without acknowledging the vulgar, racist comments by Aaryn and Gina Marie. (And anyone else?) Both girls have lost their jobs because of their comments, but they have no idea because CBS has not told them. I'm anxious to see when either of them get evicted what Julie Chen will say to them. Will she acknowledge it to them? Of course America wants to see their reactions when they are told they lost their jobs due to racist comments. We all saw Aaryn's reaction when Amanda confronted her about it and told her she was a racist, Aaryn got completely defensive and denied that was the case. 

And then we had the second Aaryn/Amanda confrontation about racism when Aaryn decided to flip Candace's bed out of anger in the midst of Kaitlyn, Jeremy and Aaryn all bullying Jessie for flipping sides with Kaitlin claiming she feels like she's back in high school except she's on the other side to which Aaryn clarifies, the loser side? (So these girls think they are the ones getting bullied?) And then Amanda overhears everything and barges in and basically puts Aaryn in her place, letting her know the way she's coming across, to which Aaryn has no real response.

Ahh Amanda. I must say I'm really gunning for her. She's a no nonsense kind of girl who knows how to play this game without crying a river. She thinks logistically and knows to put herself first. Her downfalls will be her blunt personality and her showmance with McCrae, an alliance that eventually will have to be broken. I was rooting for Helen, but her HOH this week has really gone to her head and she needs to get a little better about not being so open to everyone and guarding her alliance members.

Live eviction tonight! Looks like Jeremy is out, which as a physical competitor he's pretty strong, but mentally he couldn't even hold his as seen in last week's HOH. While Aaryn is a serious mean girl and a good person to get out, without Jeremy she only has Kaitlyn and Gina Marie to back her so she shouldn't get too far. She's still holding a grudge about David being kicked out and I don't think she can get over that and play the game to move forward. She's already crumbled, it's just a matter of time before she meets Julie, and thus Jeremy is the one to get out this week.

And if you're looking for a good BB spoiler synopsis site, check out buddytv, you don't have to read through every bit of conversation that goes on, it gives you the pertinent information that you won't see or don't have to wait for CBS. 


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