Monday, July 8, 2013

Blogger's Block

You've heard of the term writer's block, right? When writer's are at a loss of what to write, have little inspiration? Well I have a serious case of blogger's block. Seriously, I feel that I am lacking any inspiration on what to write! I have no new topics, I do have a salmon recipe I recently made that I could share, but no witty repartee to add along with a ho hum recipe. 

I have nothing new to write about Bravo. And let's be honest, how sick are you of hearing me write about the Housewives? Come on, how much more can I dumb down my IQ? It's bad enough that I waste my time watching these banal shows, and then to write about them as well? (Don't get too worried, I'm sure I still will. Vanderpump Rules should be coming back soon, right?) 

And fashion. I like keeping up with current styles, but it's not my life. It's just a hobby, no not a hobby. More something of an interest. To see me is to know that I don't dress like the legitimate fashionistas out there (I hear they have a fashionista license that are granted by state. My closet wouldn't even grant me a permit.)

I have not new fitness articles to write. I workout regularly, but I really have no new workouts to share. Right now I've got Fitsugar in hardcore rotation, and I already wrote about that! How to put yourself in a workout rut, I could write a blog post about that!

I don't know what it is, but I've lost that je ne sais quois, that oomph to my writing. I need some inspiration, I need something new to write about to get my creative juices going. And until I do, please enjoy upcoming articles entitled, "How do I get these holes out of my $8 Target shirts...oh wait, you can't" and "Puff Paint T-shirts: They're baack!"



  1. "How do I get holes out of my $8 Target shirts"...haha! I would love to know the answer to that one! I guess I could buy good quality solid V-neck t's, but where's the fun in that? :)

  2. Apparently the Target men's t-shirts don't have the same problem!