Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Official, The DVR is No Longer Recording The Real Housewives of New Jersey


I'm done. Glitter? Done. Animal Print? Done. Horrendously fake tans? Done.  Fake tanned women wearing glitterized animal print? Done, done and done. The Real Housewives of New Jersey has always ranked low on my list of favorites of the Housewives franchise. It was only one above Atlanta and I stopped watching that one years ago. The Danielle Staub drama early on was a little too dark for me. The other girls all seemed to be your typical debt filled Housewife requisite women who enjoy each other's company because they enjoy the fuel to talk behind each other's back. And then you thrown in a raging Histrionic possibly Borderline Personality Disorder woman and the show took on a direction that was just unhealthy.

And then Danielle left and everyone turned on Teresa, who brought out a money hungry, will-throw-my friends-under-the-bus-if-you-cross-me personality which kept the show in that dark place. And in hopes to increse ratings...err garner backup for Teresa they bring in Teresa's family members and the show starts getting interesting. (Sadly) You see the relationships play out with Teresa's family members as tarnished as they are. And then it just takes a turn for the worse like Dylan Mckay driving the Hollywood Hills after snorting some coke, the result was horrendous. The media spotlight heightened the tarnished relationships only to lead to catty fights and exposure of private familial conversations at reunion shows. 

Bravo is putting out there a television show where a family is breaking apart, emotionally feuding and also physically feuding. It's disgusting that these people can't even save face for the camera as to not show the world their dirty, stanky laundry. Oh no, not only are they choosing to film their family strife, but the twitter! The vicious tweets have become so much a part of their communication that if you watch the show, Bravo has to show their tweets to explain the situation. And then they all go on talk shows to promote the show but refuse to be taped together, and they are supposed to be family? 

I. Just. Can't. I've had enough. I can't watch a family break a part over such juvenile issues. It's one thing to have raw, selfish emotion, we're all human. But to act on it in a juvenile fashion like calling out someone's debt or punching someone in the face is just ridiculous. I refuse to watch a family set such a disgusting example for their young children. 

So bye bye Teresa and your tabloid selling ways. Admitting to it one minute and denying it the next. While I enjoyed watching the banter of your daughters, at the same time I worry what will the result of all this be on them.

Bye bye Caroline and your husband's alleged infidelities and your forthright personality. Granted, your children were the saving grace of this show, but I cannot put up with listening to you proclaim yourself the matriarch of the group.

Bye bye Jacqueline. My heart aches for your autism journey with your son, but I really can't watch you drink black water. It looks like you're drinking something toxic, and how badly does it stain your teeth?

Bye bye...what's her name? Oh yeah, Kat...oh, Kathy!  Yes, your husband's sarcasm drives me insane, so I won't miss him. Good look on your Cannoli venture.

And sayonara, Melissa and your tit for tat ways. You're just as much responsible for your feud with Teresa as you claim she is. Good luck with that, I don't want to hear one more inane insult she has hurled at you, because there are just as many you've hurled back.

How does this show still get ratings? Well, Honey Boo Boo is also ranked high, so I guess that explains it all. 


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