Monday, July 29, 2013

Remembering Kate Middleton's Maternity Style

In honor of birth of the future King of England, I felt it was necessary to take a look back at his mother's fashion sense while he was in the womb. The Duchess epitomizes my own personal fashion ambitions (if I were a royal wife), she's conservative yet also trendy, something you rarely see in celebrities. She knows how to dress for every occasion, whether it's riding boots for a game of polo...

...a white dress for Wimbledon...

(Love the charm bracelet!)

...or jeans and a hoodie for her own round of tennis! (I would have gone with shorts, but with the fullf ace of makeup I'm assuming she's at one of her charity events.) 

And of course, the Duchess knows how to turn it up for those elegant affairs.

Now some will argue that since becoming a royal, Kate's style has become less bold and risky and more conservative and bland, well if Kate's style is considered conservative and bland, sign me up for a big plate of it because as a 30 year old woman, and now mother, I find her style to be on point. At a certain age, jumping on the bandwagon of every trend out there just does not work. 

Regardless of how you want to describe Kate's style, people love to see what Kate is wearing, so in pregnancy we were all anxious to see what maternity styles Kate was going to razzle and dazzle us with. Yeah, yeah we wanted to see the bump, but more importantly, we wanted to see what was covering the bump, Stella McCartney? Burberry? Alexander McQueen? Top Shop, yes all of those...

Kate looks so chic in this peach colored dress with a matching coat at a similar length. She looks oh so peachy.

I love this polka dotted Top Shop dress with a simple, black quasi-blazer on top. Possibly my favorite of all her maternity styles. 

Kate Middleton
So while her bump is barely noticeable here, according to records she was and so this ensemble deserves a place on this page. You know I'm as sucker for a wrap dress and I love the cami inside for more coverage, so classy! 

I'm not the biggest fan of the print on this one, but I do love the silhouette. And come on, the Duchess can do no wrong. 

I don't like animal  print, but this totally works on Kate. It's like her coat is her dress! And girlfriend is rocking that headpiece, kind of. 

This is such a simple, conservative dress, perfect for a very conservative function. Covers all, but accentuates the belly. 

This is one of my favorites, you can't see the belly, but it's hiding under the puffy jacket and skinny jeans. And love the boots! 

Another coat that doubles as an ensemble, and in bright yellow. Something most pregnant women would steer clear of for fear of being called tweety bird, but here it's just so flattering. And again, the head piece does not look at all like a large ribbon atop a Christmas present. 

And can I just say mass kudos to the Duchess for her beautiful look post delivery, walking out the hospital door baby and hubby in tow looking like she just won a beauty pagent. I mean, when I walked out the hospital door...err hopsital rules I had to be wheeled out... I was looking like Weird Al Yankovich and pretty much acting that like him due to lack of sleep delirium. But not Kate, oh no. I have never a seen a woman look so beautiful right after delivery. I thought you were supposed to have that pregnancy glow in the second trimester, once the nausea wears off and the uncomfortableness of third trimester has yet to set in, but not right after stepping out of the hospital! 

I love how she's rocking the slowly deflating uterus. Most women cover up their post delivery 20 week pregnancy look when they are leaving the hospital. But not the Duchess, she's wearing it proudly, even accentuating it with an empire waist gown. And oh those polka dots are just so adorable.

So no, I don't have a girl crush on the mother of the future King. I mean she's beautiful, dresses regally and married to one future King and the mother of another King, but no I don't adore her. I mean, I would make an entire blog post about her if I did. 


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