Sunday, July 21, 2013

Revenge Wears Prada: Somebody Please Green-light this Movie!

Despite the 30 something wait list at the library, I finally read the book! And let me tell you something, it did not disappoint! 

The book fast forwards ten years where Andy and her old assistant partner/boss at Runaway, Emily, are now partners at their own wedding magazine. Not only are they partners, but the best of friends. The first scene is the day of Andy's wedding to an investor of the magazine, kind of a JFK Jr type, who is also best friends with Emily's husband. (Isn't that cute? She says sarcastically.) So Andy is stepping into wealth and society once again, but this time through marriage. As Andy struggles with marriage and running a popular magazine she gets a call from the company that owns Runaway Magazine, which Miranda Priestly now runs, in hopes of acquiring Andy and Emily's magazine. The book centers around Andy vacillating the offer, having flash backs to the old days of Runaway and struggling to make a decision.

Initially when I started the book, on Andy's wedding day, I was a little worried that the story was going to be stagnant like Devil Wears Prada, where it's the same drama getting played out with no change coming about. Andy was borderline masochistic for refusing to leave Runaway magazine until the end of the book where she finally has her Oprah Aha Moment. Thankfully, Revenge Wears Prada did not play out the same way. There was constant movement in the book, the story line moves along at the perfect pace leaving you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen and I must say, the book did not at all end as I had anticipated it would.

 I could easily delve farther into the book and divulge all the details including the ending, which I would like to do. But you really need to read this book, and if it does become a movie I wouldn't want to ruin it for. 

Yes, a movie. This book would be perfect for a sequel to Devil Wears Prada. With one large contingency, that they can keep the entire cast. Everyone makes an appearance in this book, including Stanley Tucci's character! As I was reading the book I could envision all the characters reclaiming their roles. Even Emily Blunt who has gotten really big in Hollywood would have the supporting actress role in the movie. Granted, Meryl Streep's character isn't as big as it was in the first movie, so it might be tough to get her. Oh and Miranda Priestly's twins! They are now 18, can you imagine if they recast those same gLetrls? Granted, the actresses wouldn't be ten years older now, but probably old enough to pass as teenagers with makeup. And let me tell you, they are not what you would expect. And lets not forget smirky face Christian Collinsworth, even he's in there with all his condescension! 

Fingers crossed that there is a production company out there willing to bring this to the big screen. Devil Wears Prada was a huge hit, so of course the sequel will follow suit. With this story line, who wouldn't love this movie? (This coming from the woman who claims Parent Trap with Hayley Mills as one of her all time favorite movies.) 


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